Terrence Clark, a freshman basketball player who was preparing for the NBA draft, died on Thursday in a car crash in Los Angeles.  He was aged 19. The news of Clarke’s death was confirmed by the University of Kentucky, where the athletics department also praised the former basketball player for his impeccable talent and gifted skill.

Several people around the world reacted to the news of Clarke’s passing, including Kentucky’s coach, John Calipari who stated that he was gutted after hearing the news of Clarke’s sudden death. He asked people to remember the talented man and his family in their prayers. Calipari spoke on behalf of the entire team and emphatically wrote how they are still digesting the news of his death. Calipari also declared that he would be flying to Los Angeles to help Clarke’s mother and brother in this distressing time.

Terrence Clarke’s accident happened on a Thursday afternoon, when his car hit another vehicle, hit a street light pole, and crashed into a block wall. Authorities have revealed that Clarke wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and was continuously driving at a very high speed. The other driver involved in the collision did not sustain any injuries. Clarke was the only passenger in his car. Moments after the crash, the star player was rushed to the hospital for treatment. However, Terrence Clark wasn’t able to make it that far and was pronounced dead by the doctors.

The news of Clarke’s sudden death resulted in a wave of sorrow throughout the world. People all across the world started flooding the internet with pictures, messages, and clips of the player. In a long note penned by Calipari, he said “Terrence Clark was a beautiful kid.He had a personality like no other; one that would leave you enraptured truly, and remarkably. Calipari also spoke the words going through every person’s head right now- He was too young to have left the world so soon.

It can be said without a doubt that Terrence Clark was a man of exceptional talent. Coming from Boston, Clarke signed with Kentucky in 2020 who said that he was one of the best players they had seen in decades. The Boston Celtics took to Twitter and said “He had a bright future ahead but had already made a huge impact off the court in the City of Boston.

Clarke is survived by his parents and three siblings.