A Catastrophic flood in Middle Tennessee killed at least 10 people and left others missing Saturday, officials said, as record-breaking rains swept away houses and rural roads.

Kansas Klein, a business owner, stood on a bridge Saturday morning and watched as vehicles and houses were carried away, a community of roughly 4,500 people, where Klein, 48, has lived for nearly half his life. They saw two girls clutching a dog on a wooden board sped by, much too quickly for Klein and the other spectators to descend and seize them.

Klein returned a few hours later, astonished that the floods had almost completely gone and appalled at the devastation left behind.

Klein claimed his business of Pizza, remained standing, but the morning downpour of between 10 inches to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) of rain had caused a flood in Humphreys County to attain 7 ft (2.1 meters) inside, destroying the establishment.

Klein went to the adjacent public housing units after leaving his business and overheard screaming. A guy had just discovered the corpse of an infant from one of the residences. Other bodies would quickly follow suit.

Klein said the low-income housing complexes — dozens of block buildings together known as Brookside were carried away with the flood.

Klein is uncertain about the future of his family and community.

He also has no idea what happened to the two children and dog he saw hanging to the board. He had heard that a little girl with a dog had been rescued downstream, as well as another female, but he wasn’t certain it was them.

Klein said that this is the third flood of a hundred years in roughly ten years. He said, referring to the 2010 and 2019 floods. However, this is a hundred times worse than any of them.