Chrissy Teigen opens up about her Sobriety Streak.

During her time away from the spotlight, Chrissy Teigen has been indulging in some important personal chores. Recently, the model posted on Instagram to say that she was 50 days sober as she wrote, “Today is my 50-day sobriety streak!”. She also posted a video of her kid’s Miles and Luna playing with their mom “It should be nearly a year, but I had a few (wine) hiccups on the road. this is my longest streak yet!”

She concluded her post saying, “I still dunno if I’ll never drink again, but I do know it no longer serves me in ANY way,” and added, “I don’t get more fun, I don’t dance, I don’t get relaxed. I get sick, fall asleep, and wake up sick, having missed what was probably a fun night. I had fun with it and appreciate anyone that can enjoy it responsibly!!!!”

This came right after the recent admission that she was “a functioning alcoholic” when she started dating John Legend (Now her husband). Not long ago, she added a post on Instagram in which she and her husband were laughing at their favorite New York restaurant while recalling their old times. In the long caption, she wrote, she is a kids different person now than she was before, and there has been a great change in her drinking habits. She began, “We’ve been going to @franksrestaurant for…man, maybe 13, 14 years now?? We used to live just a couple blocks away, right across from the hell’s angels in the east village,”

Teigen disclosed that 2020 was a challenging year for the couple and their family. She had abandoned her drinking habit as in September, she and the singer John Legend suffered an unborn child loss – their late son, Jack after they had serious pregnancy complications. 

When Teigen shared a video of her being happy and dancing to her tune after breaking the sobriety news, a fan commented on that, saying he needs whatever drugs she’s on. 

On that, Teigen replied, “Four weeks Sober”

A day after she posted on Instagram, Teigen shared a book with her friends as a recommendation for those suffering the same issue as Teigen. According to her, this book changed her life. “Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol” by Holly Whitaker.

Ever since Teigen was accused of bullying Michael Costello (fashion designer) and Courtney Stodden (former star of reality shows) in May and June, she has stayed low-key. She even apologized to Courtney for everything, including the hurtful tweets she had posted and the one in which Costello said that “Online relationship with Teigen made him suicidal.”