Last year, Rocker Ted Nugent became popular for something other than music.  He had declared Covid-19 as nothing more than a scam, one that doesn’t come close to a real pandemic. However, just a few months later, the renowned songwriter contracted the virus, which has left him in severe pain and agony.

On Monday, Nugent came live through his Facebook and gave a detailed account of his condition. “I thought I was dying” remarks Ted Nugent in a video that encapsulates his state of mind after being infected with the virus. He further elaborated on his health condition and said that he felt fatigued beyond belief; it was a time where he couldn’t even move from the bed. Nugent later announced that he had tested positive for the virus today.

It is important to note that Ted Nugent was the same person who created an entire song to affirm that Covid-19 was a hoax. He had shot a video at his ranch in Michigan, where he consistently uses obscene language including racial insults to speak of the virus in a derogatory manner. Nugent used the same video to drill a message home: He would not get a dose of the vaccine as it’s unsafe, because “nobody knows what’s in it.”

His stance didn’t come as much of a surprise given his views on health restrictions. Ted Nugent who has been a devout supporter of Donald Trump not only called the virus a hoax but also protested against the health restrictions that had been imposed for the safety of the general public. Moreover, he has propagated a viewpoint put forward by conservative parties: The statistics related to the number of cases and deaths due to the virus are completely false.

Just a few months back, Ted Nugent mocked the practice of vaccines. Now, he is suffering from the excruciating pain that has been inflicted by the virus. According to the rocker, he will adhere to orders and remain in isolation until he gets better.