2020 car with best technology

2020 Cars with Best Technology Features

Buying a car is an important decision of your life, it takes a lot of investment and hours of search to find the perfect car for yourself. In today’s...
how fast can be a bullet travel

How fast can a bullet travel-The maximum range

Most bullets travel at speeds of 300 to 900 meters per second. If the question arises regarding, how fast can a bullet travel? Then there are several facts that...
how to block call on an android phone

How To Block A Phone Number On An Android Phone?

Blocking a phone number is one the most convenient ways to avoid unwanted attention in your life. This is an option available in most cellphones to prevent getting unnecessary...
Army Developing Drones that can change Shape Mid-flight

Autonomous drones are drones from the U.S. Army that can change shape of mid-flight

US Army is developing a drone that is capable of changing shape mid-flight. Get ready for this amazing invention because America’s military lab researchers are creating just that. These autonomous...
Apple track looters who steal iPhones

Apple Tracks the Looters Who Steal iPhones From Stores

After the death of George Floyd, looting and destruction of iconic New York stores have been common in recent days. However, Apple has devised mechanisms so that the “looters”...
Best Free Movie Apps

What is the best free movie App-Top 3 pickups for your smartphone

If you’re someone who loves watching movies you probably know that it is enough to have a stable internet connection and a smartphone. Likewise, it won’t be any less...
Find out if someone read your email

Tech Tip – Find Out If Someone Read Your Email and Your Account Is...

Mailboxes are generally only protected by a password and some are very easy to decode. When a hacker manages to bypass these protections, he can access the victim’s email...
Amazon deploys thermal cameras at warehouses

Amazon’s deploys thermal imaging to screen as Coronavirus rises

Amazon has decided to utilize thermal cameras at its various storehouses and other buildings to check the temperature of the workers. This will help find potential corona cases. The cameras...
He was building rockets. Now he’s taking on America’s Ventilator Shortage

He was building rockets. Now he’s taking on the issue of America’s Ventilator shortage

When Radulescu left Medtronic after working there for a year, he never thought that he would be making ventilators ever again. As an assistant at the ventilator making company...
We respect Apple's privacy so much we've revealed a little about what we can track when you use maps

Apple releases data revealing what they track when you use Maps

Technology Giant Apple is among the top ten tech companies in the world. Its phones and other products are used everywhere globally and that makes it a company that...