Tony Hawk and Mike Pondsmith to Headline PAX Online

A virtual event gathering – the gaming maestros Mike Pondsmith to headline PAX online

PAX is known for its gaming culture and festivals that are arranged every year. 2020 turned out quite different for everyone due to the global pandemic. Following the current circumstances,...
NVIDIA's Reflex technology reduces input lag on PC

NVIDIA’s technology called Reflex, promises to reduce lag on Pcs

Video games are probably one of the top hobbies people have developed over the past few years. Especially since the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home, people began...
Zoom outage halts meetings, classes in the US, UK

Zoom outage, meetings, classes across U.S., UK halted

As the coronavirus pandemic began, many countries around the world went into a state of lockdown. Due to this imposition, businesses had to find a way to carry on...
A Gmail and Google Drive outage is causing errors around the world

Gmail and Google Drive outage caused Errors around the Globe

Many Google users are dealing with several issues, mostly regarding Gmail. There have been many complaints by Google users regarding uploading on Google drive, YouTube, and Gmail. The official Google...
Microsoft Xbox One Series X Games

Microsoft Xbox Series X Games have been unveiled – Take a look

Xbox is the new hype as videogame junkies spend most of their time on playing high quality, engaging videogames. More and more people are getting in on this exciting...
laptop is working slow

Top Reasons why my Laptop is so slow – Facts Revealed!

Technology is the new norm and now it is impossible to operate without gadgets like smartphones and laptops. An annoying thing is when you have to ask yourself, ' Why...

Top 6 the best Video Games of all time

Over the years, video games have become an intrinsic part of our culture. It is how millions of us spend our free time. And they are more than just...
best air quality meters

10 best air quality meters in 2020

With air pollution on the rise, the quality of the air we are breathing has become a serious concern for many people. According to research, up to 96% of...
Best PS4 Games

Best 6 PS4 games of all time

PS4 games have always been popular in the gaming community, launched in 2013. To date, there have been many new games launched in the PS4 game library, belonging to...
Facebook begins merging Instagram and Messenger chats in a new update

Facebook update starts merging Instagram and Facebook Messenger Chats

An update was noticed by android and iPhone users this Friday as an updated screen popped up on Instagram. According to the latest update, a new way to chat with...