Are Microsoft And Sony Offering Enough For You

Are Microsoft and Sony Offering Enough Features to buy the Latest Consoles this Year?

The article will help out the gamers to decide whether or not to buy new consoles. And if you wish to buy one, how to find the one that’s...
Xbox Games with Gold update: Great news for Xbox Live and Game Pass fans before October

Xbox Gold update: great news for xbox live and game pass fans

The XBOX live gold update will be launched in October. In this updated version, there will inclusion of free games too. The gaming console has released the news of free...
Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card

A powerful graphics card RTX 3080 has been released by NVIDIA

A graphics card is the most essential part of a quality video gaming experience. For gamers, a good graphics card makes any video game enjoyable and looks like a...
iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

The latest operating system Ios 14 and Ipados 14 would arrive tomorrow Sep.16

Apple Company is the flag bearer of advanced technology with its shares selling at the price of over a hundred dollars. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and its...
SoftBank reportedly closing a $40 billion sale of ARM to Nvidia

SoftBank is reaching a deal with Nvidia acquiring arm for $40 Billion

It seems like an agreement is now to be concluded among SoftBank and Nvidia following weeks of rumors regarding the prospects of ARM, encouraging GPU makers to buy ARM,...
CORRECTING and REPLACING INTRUSION begins Beta Testing of cybersecurity solution for Enterprises and SMBs

Businesswire Begins Beta Testing of Cybersecurity Solution ‘Intrusion Shield’ for Enterprises and smbs,

Recently, crimes through social media have escalated in number. Each day a different kind of case comes on the front and authorities are concerned about how to control those...
Huawei FreeBuds Pro

The images of Huawei Freebuds pro leaked ahead of launch

Huawei is becoming one of the leading mobile companies with its newly updated phone accessories. The company announced the launch of its new earbuds. Unfortunately, the images of the earbuds...
buy an Amazon gift card

where to buy amazon gift cards?

Amazon is a very popular e-commerce website founded by Jeff Bezos. It has a variety of products that it sells online. It has made its place in the list...
Tony Hawk and Mike Pondsmith to Headline PAX Online

A virtual event gathering – the gaming maestros Mike Pondsmith to headline PAX online

PAX is known for its gaming culture and festivals that are arranged every year. 2020 turned out quite different for everyone due to the global pandemic. Following the current circumstances,...
NVIDIA's Reflex technology reduces input lag on PC

NVIDIA’s technology called Reflex, promises to reduce lag on Pcs

Video games are probably one of the top hobbies people have developed over the past few years. Especially since the pandemic forced everyone to stay at home, people began...