Quality Air Technology likely to develop by Hyundai Motor

Air Purification Tech to be developed by Hyundai Motor

Hyundai might come forward with yet another technological improvement. The quality air technology will work for the purification of air that enters the car. Excessive pollution is becoming a major...
Army's New Scout-Attack Helicopters

The Army’s new scout-attack helicopters look stealthy

Double rotor, stealth, and thruster: the prototypes of Sikorsky and Bell compete to replace the US Army reconnaissance helicopters. The Pentagon has just reduced the competition to two competitors: Bell...
Trump gave more power for cyber operations against Iran and China

CIA conducted covert cyber operations against Iran, China as Trump gave it more powers

It is reported that various secret cyber operations are being conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency against China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea. In 2018, President Donald Trump gave extensive...
Virus-Tracing Apps are rife with problems

Virus-Tracing Apps are Causing problems; Governments Aae Rushing to fix them

Soon after the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a global health crisis, the governments of many countries rushed to take precautionary measures against the disease. One such measure taken...
Magic Leap has a new Chief Executive Peggy Johnson

Peggy Johnson is now the new Chief Executive Officer of Magic Leap

Peggy Johnson has recently been appointed as the new chief executive officer at Magic Leap. Johnson has served at Microsoft in the past as the executive vice president of...
block spam calls on iphone

How block spam calls on iPhone? – Detect and Block

Almost everyone at least once in their lifetime has received annoying calls from unknown sources and marketers. It seems that they always choose the worst time to call, right?...
how to turn off google assistant

101 tips on how to turn off Google microphone

The Google assistant is very overwhelming for some users. Here's how you can turn off the Google assistant feature and stop the Google app from listening to you all...
Office Program for Android Tablets

List of top productivity Apps and best Office Program for Android Tablets

Having a much larger screen than that of a mobile phone is the ideal platform to use it for office and productivity. Let’s have a look at top productivity...
2020 car with best technology

2020 Cars with Best Technology Features

Buying a car is an important decision of your life, it takes a lot of investment and hours of search to find the perfect car for yourself. In today’s...
how to block call on an android phone

How To Block A Phone Number On An Android Phone?

Blocking a phone number is one the most convenient ways to avoid unwanted attention in your life. This is an option available in most cellphones to prevent getting unnecessary...