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How to unhide a song on Spotify

How to unhide a song on Spotify – Retrieve those Old Tracks and Build...

Don’t you feel like hiding a song on Spotify to erase the memories attached to it sometimes? Or maybe because you don’t want to remember embarrassing moments associated with...

How to Get Water out of Charging Port – 8 Easy Steps

Did you jump into the pool or walk in the rain with your phone in your pocket? Well, in either case, the bad news is that you have damaged...

InstaDP – View Instagram Profile Photo in Full-Size HD-Quality

Do you stalk people who send follow requests to you on Instagram? If so, how do you open their teeny-tiny profile pictures that show nothing but a small blurry...
How to unmatch on Tinder

How to unmatch on Tinder and find an appropriate profile?

Tinder is the most used dating app, with around 1.6Billion swipes every day. Anyone can find a match for themselves from its 75 million active user base. However, things...
How to turn off likes on Instagram

How to Turn off Likes on Instagram Before and After Posting?

Have you stopped posting on your Instagram feed? Is it because you are too scared of not receiving enough comments and likes as your friends do? We think we...
Does Amazon take Apple Pay

Online Payments War – Does Amazon take Apple Pay in 2022?

Ever since Apple launched its digital payment method, life has become much easier for iPhone users. Apart from being a convenient payment method, Apple pay is accepted by 85%...

Crunchyroll cancel subscription – A guide for Free and Premium memberships

Are you a sucker for anime? If so, you probably have got a Crunchyroll subscription.  Indeed, the platform offers thousands of anime shows, however, you might want to cancel...
How to make hotspot faster iPhone

6 Practical Methods How to Make Hotspot Faster iPhone for Incredible Speed

Is it just us or do you too feel like iPhone’s hotspot is working extremely slow these days? If so, how to make the hotspot faster iPhone? Using your personal...
Facebook Users’ Timelines Flooded With Posts Tagging Celeb Accounts

Facebook Users’ Timelines Flooded With Posts Tagging Celeb Accounts

It appeared that a number of users were affected by a glitch on Facebook earlier on Wednesday morning. These users complained that their news feeds were being flooded with...
How to set up voicemail on iPhone 12

Here’s how to set up voicemail on iPhone 12, 12 Mini, Mac, and Android...

Just got your first iPhone? Let us guess. It must be 12 mini or 12 pro, right? When you get your first phone, the foremost thing to do is...