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The Latest Developments in Streaming Media | Streaming Technology News

Disney Plus Announcements are an Earth-shaking Development in the Streaming Wars Due to the pandemic, the traditional movie theatres are dying right in front of us. Streaming services have started...
Stop Websites From Opening New Tabs In Google Chrome

How to Stop Websites from opening New Tabs in Google Chrome

Every since Google Chrome browser got launched, other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer became old-fashioned. Today, almost everyone has set their default browser to Chrome. However, many users...
Google illegally spied on workers before firing them, US labor board alleges

Google Employees have been illegally fired due to Employee Activism

Big companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Google have taken over the world with their products. In today’s world, life without a smartphone and the internet is impossible to...
Laptop Under $300

The Best Laptop Under $300

Without connecting to the virtual world, our lives are incomplete in this technologically converged era. We need our gadgets with us more than anything else. Though you may have...
How RAM affects the speed

Which Browser Uses the Least RAM?

Internet surfing is one of the favorite activities of many people around the globe. However, it becomes a nightmare when you are searching for something on your browser, but...
Effects And Animations

Make Your Boring texts Playful by Applying effects and Animations

Gone are the days when people used to send those boring, wordy text messages. We are now living in a virtual era, and as time is passing, we are...
Laptop Buying Guide

Comprehensive Laptop Buying Guide

We are living in an era of smartphones. People generally prefer to upgrade their smartphones to the latest versions as soon as their favorite company rolls it out. However,...
Google Play Gift Card

All about Google Play Gift Card and how to use it

The use of smartphones has long superseded the standard calling, texting, and internet browsing functions. Now, they are used for more advanced purposes of providing entertainment like in your...
best 13 inch laptop

The Best 13-Inch Budget Laptops

Are you looking for the best budget-friendly 13-inch laptop? Now obviously with so many options in the market, it is just hard to select the best laptops. Usually, when...
Overwatch game and How To Play It

What Kind of Game is overwatch and How to Play it?

Overwatch is a team-based video game that is developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment. This is a rich in graphics game that was released in the year 2016 for...