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Release of iPhone 13

Exciting Rumours that Surround the Release of iPhone 13 (Update)

This autumn, Apple's next iPhone, named the iPhone 13, is anticipated to get a few flashy improvements. The highly awaited smartphone is expected to have a redesigned design with...
Amazon is quietly working on a live audio business

Amazon is quietly working on a live audio business to compete with clubhouses and...

Amazon had been investing in live audio offerings and diversification to this entirely new field might be on the cards in near future. Amazon is planning to launch a similar...
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE might be released as early as the coming week [Update]

The wait is finally OVER!!! The frenzied – highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is all set to be released sooner than initially announced. According to a Samsung insider and...
Foldable phones prices slashed by Samsung

Foldable phones prices slashed by Samsung – a desperate attempt to boost sales!

Tech giant Samsung slashed the prices of its foldable phones by 10% compared to last year; to boost sales and make the high-concept design of foldable technology more widespread. The...

What is a GameStop Prestige Store Deal actually about?

GameStop is a retailer in the United States that sells video games online as well as in stores. Various merchandise of popular games is also available at GameStop. There’s a...
Easy Way to Take Screenshot on Hp Desktop and Laptops

Easy Way to Take Screenshot on Hp Desktop and Laptops

Screenshots, screencaps, or screengrabs - whatever you choose to call them, this one-of-a-kind operation enables you to take a picture of the desktop of your computer. Screenshots are useful at...
gaming laptop under 500

Best Gaming Laptop Under $500

If you are on the lookout for the best gaming laptops then welcome to our regularly updated expert guide to the best gaming laptop under 500 dollars based on...
Hellofax for google drive

Online fax solutions How to use Hellofax for google drive

Google has transformed the world of connectivity and the internet making our life a lot easier. From being the world’s first choice as a search engine to engaging into...
The 6 best computers designed for seniors

The 6 best computers designed for seniors: The only guide you need in 2021

The ongoing pandemic situation has left everyone stranded on the earth. Many seniors and caregivers are searching for ways to connect and support their loved ones in a pandemic...
best cell phone carrier

The best cell phone carrier in the US with low-cost to unlimited data options...

The best cell phone providers will keep you connected with the world no matter where you go. It ensures that you can browse the web wherever you want and...