Millions of football fans, along with their family and friends, sit around their television screens in the hopes of watching a Sunday Night NFL game once a year. It is not just any other football night but also the most vastly popular sporting competition globally.

Even if a person is not a crazy football fan who does not care what teams are playing in the super bowl, isn’t it? They may still be interested in parties, food, and the fun that revolves around the game.

There is phenomenal media coverage for this event as well due to the great interest of the public. Many of the media stations make schedules for future finals right before time. Due to this, we can all agree that the game will remain popular for many years ahead.

In terms of business, companies pay huge amounts of money for advertisements. As millions of people watch the game, it is assumed that the advertisements will receive the same amount of audience. Broadcasting companies take benefit of the situation and charge a lot for a single advertisement.

However, it is worthwhile as in reality, 8% of the viewers only watch the event for commercials. These practices being used by the companies for decades have become extremely normal for viewers and are a significant part of the Super Bowl.

However, it is true that most of the fans of the Super Bowl are from America more than any other country. Undoubtedly, on the other hand, a large number of people have never even heard of the game.

In most of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, people are in the dark about the existence of this game. Many don’t even seem to know its rules and what it stands for. So here we have added some details for you:

Super Bowl History

Super Bowl has become a strong part of American culture since 1967. After 48 more Super Bowls, it is the most widely-viewed television spectacle. In 1960, the seeds for this event were planted when a second professional football league was set up to compete with NFL. Teams qualified were based on a playoff bracket system that extends from the regular season.

There are two football conferences, the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Teams play for months to be able to compete in this most prominent game of the year – the Super Bowl.

Then the match decides what teams are playing in the super bowl. Later on the Super Bowl night, both teams try to win by scoring the highest points in the allotted time.

Almost 99.9 million people watched Super Bowl LIV in 2020 when the San Francisco 49ers were beaten by the Kansas City Chiefs. Super Bowl XLIX is the most popular super bowl event in history.

The Green Bay Packers have won the highest amount of times – 9 championships. This is truly a great victory.

Nearly 115 million people watched when Seattle Seahawks were defeated by New England Patriots. Only eight teams in the super bowl have never won. According to the estimates, a game lasts for three hours and thirty minutes.

Every Super Bowl is accompanied by halftime breaks where most performances are held.

The super bowl has allowed people to befriend over the years, while others have remained enemies as both come from opposing sides. Altogether, no ugly situation has ever occurred during the final game.

Decorum has always been maintained from both the groups participating in the final. This is why the event has remained peaceful. It is, however, important to note many people have been left divided due to the outcome of the final game of the Super Bowl. As the United States has the strongest fan base, this scenario is more common there.

Super Bowl LV

Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers struggled in the battle to call themselves the winner of Super Bowl LV. It is called Super Bowl LV because it is the 55th Super Bowl and in the Roman language, LV means 55.

In this version of Super Bowls, the Buccaneers’ won for the second time and were the only team besides the Baltimore Ravens to remain undefeated in multiple Super Bowls.

With the 11-5 record, they finished the regular season. With their top-ranked offense, the Chiefs finished the regular season with a league-best 14–2 record to appear in the Super Bowl for the fourth time.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with the help of Tom Brady, won a comfortable victory of 31-9 over the Kansas City Chiefs. Already widely known as the greatest NFL player of all time, Brady decided to leave New England in the off-season for another challenge and was alluded to Tampa Bay.

NFL constantly changes the game’s location, and this year it was played in the home stadium of the Buccaneers, Florida on 7th February, Sunday. The event started at 6:30 pm.


Super Bowl has a powerful legacy for the American people as well as for the whole world, and clearly, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers game has become a part of this legacy.

Fans have constantly gathered around televisions and big screens for 48 years, and this has become a traditional holiday for them. They have witnessed their teams lose, dominate, as well as struggle.

This routine will continue for true fans despite the chances that their teams might struggle. For the people, who watch the super bowl, the tradition of sitting with their family and friends is solid. In fact, they wait and save up all year to be able to go and see the game with their own eyes.

Super Bowl victory parties are also a massive part of this event. If taken back 48 years, it is hard to believe that this event will be such an essential part of peoples’ lives. But, indeed, it has become the most favorite game of the people, especially in the United States.

Which of the teams of Super Bowl are your favorite and why? We would love to hear back from you.