A student, 15,  who had been transferred into Oliver Citywide Academy the previous week and is accused of raping a teacher inside of a classroom was also accused of assaulting a staff member at a behavioral health center previously this year. The alleged assault took place in January.

The student allegedly attempted to rip off the staff member’s clothing and then shoved her against the wall, according to law enforcement sources.

Additionally, it is reported that he smashed a plastic cup over her head.

According to people with knowledge of the case, after the rape attempt, the staff member was bleeding from her ear when the police got on the scene.

After then, the staff member who had been injured communicated to the authorities that she did not want to file charges.

The Pittsburgh school system was called out to check whether they were aware of this earlier occurrence. They sent an email with a statement.

“The District was not aware of the information you described when the student enrolled at Pittsburgh Public Schools from Wilkinsburg on 9/27/22, two days before the incident at Oliver Citywide Academy. We cannot comment beyond that,” said district spokesperson Ebony Pugh.

According to the sources, last Thursday morning a youngster entered a classroom, shut the door and started attacking a teacher who was in the room alone.

Allegedly, after threatening to murder her, he stripped her naked and raped her. After she started screaming, he hit her head against a desk.

He is now detained in a facility for troubled youth and is facing many counts, including aggravated assault and strangulation, indecent assault, and rape.

The teachers’ union did not want to comment on the new facts about the earlier attack. The union has said that they do not want to put the ongoing investigation or prosecution of this case in jeopardy. The assault on the instructor has been condemned as upsetting and despicable by the teacher’s union.