The incident happened in Colusa County, California, where a teacher asked a student during an online class to remove Trump’s flag pinned to the wall in the background or he will be kicked out of the class.

The incident occurred when a sixteen-year-old boy was sitting in his bedroom, taking his virtual class of chemistry from Colusa High School, when his teacher saw the flag supporting President Trump, pinned to the wall in the background.

The teacher instead of waiting for the class to complete addressed the student during the class and asked him to remove the flag or reposition the camera, otherwise, he will be kicked out of the class within15 seconds.

The teacher started counting and hadn’t even crossed the digit 10 when the boy waved his hand in the camera and quit the class.

After the incident, Tiffany, the mother of the boy addressed the media about the misconduct of the teacher.

Tiffany said that the teacher has apologized and now she is more concerned about the school to give clear guidelines about rules and regulations.

The video was recorded by another boy attending the class. There is no clarity what forced the teacher to do that, maybe she had assumed that such images were banned, but actually, no such rules about politics, elections, or campaigning were mentioned in the rule book of the school.

If we are living in a liberal world, freedom of speech is the right of every single person and if this is the idea of liberal people, then we should appreciate the attitude of the boy.

A poll found that from all the supporters of President Trump, 69% don’t like him personally now; 53% are not satisfied with his job performance, and 33% strongly approve of him as the president.

The US citizens have been debating about Trump ever since he was elected as the President. When people living in the same community have different ideas over politics, contradictions may occur among them.