Taylor Hawkins, drummer for the rock band Foo Fighters, died in a hotel room in Colombia and investigators believe the death could be drug related. The drummer, having a history of drug abuse, was found dead in a hotel room.

“The cause of death has yet to be established,” the Metropolitan Police of Bogota stated in a statement published in multiple Colombian newspapers.

‘According to those close to him, the death could be related to the consumption of drugs.’

When Taylor Hawkins began experiencing chest pain, hotel workers contacted emergency services, according to local media accounts, but he was pronounced dead by the time medical personnel arrived. Foo Fighters were supposed to perform at a concert in Colombia’s capital city.

He had been open about his drug and overdose problems for years before his death, which the band called “tragic and untimely.” Hawkins was a father of two teenagers.

When Hawkins overdosed on heroin and fell into a coma four years after joining the Foo Fighters, he subsequently said that it was the outcome of him “taking it too far.

As word of the drummer’s death spread, Colombian entertainment and music journalist Alejandro Marin wrote on Twitter: ‘Don’t begin to blame the country because Taylor died in Colombia if he died of an overdose.

‘Don’t be so stupid.’

Several hundred fans, as well as journalists and videographers, gathered outside the hotel where Foo Fighters band was staying shortly after Hawkins’ death was reported. Many others were stunned by the news, with some even lighting candles as a sign of their grief.

The hotel was surrounded by ambulances and police vehicles. The body of Hawkins was finally taken out of the hotel late on Friday night, put in a coroner’s van, and taken away.

Concertgoers were informed that the band would not be performing at the Festival Estéreo Picnic due to a “serious medical condition.”

A string of South American tour dates for Hawkins’ band had just concluded last Sunday.

After completing their 2nd album, The Colour and the Shape, it was in 1997 that Hawkins joined the band.

Hawkins had played drums for Alanis Morissette before he joined the Foo Fighters. He was hired by vocalist Dave Grohl, the drummer for Nirvana, to play drums for the band.

Hawkins’ addition to the Foo Fighters’ lineup in 1997 helped them break through to the public, and they now routinely sell-out venues large and small all around the world.