A piece of unfortunate news has surfaced regarding a former National Football League quarter-back player Tarvaris Jackson. The football player was reportedly involved in a severe car accident in Alabama which led to his demise.

36 years old Tarvaris was currently working at the Tennessee State University, at the position of the Tiger’s quarterbacks coach. The news of his death was also confirmed by the TSU’s representative and by the NFL Network presenter Ian Rapoport.

Most reports claim that Tarvaris Jackson’s car hit a tree in a single-car accident before 9 pm on a Sunday. After this, he was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where he took his last breath.

Tarvaris Jackson went by as “TJack” to his loved ones and had recently retired from the NFL in 2015. He joined the NFL after being appointed by the Minnesota Vikings in 2006 NFL Draft’s second round.

Tarvaris lived in Minneapolis for about four years and later moved to Seattle in 2013. He was featured as the first back-up quarterback in the final season in 13 years for quarterback Russell Wilson.

He would have been the back-up again in 2015 but Seattle lost the Super Bowl XLIX 28-24 to the New England Patriots. He came back to Alabama to be a part of their coaching team and then he moved to Tennessee last year.

While talking to CNN, a spokesperson for the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency reported that Jackson was driving a Camaro when it got off the road, hit a tree, and flipped over. The crash took place near Jackson’s hometown which is Montgomery.

Like many other mourners, the Minnesota Vikings also tweeted after the unfortunate incident, sharing how deeply saddened they are because of Jackson’s death.