After a Twitter account voiced concerns about Target shelving a book prejudiced towards the Transgender community, the retail company was quick to address the issue. Soon after the complaint was posted, Target announced via its Twitter account that the book has been removed from its stores.

The 8th largest retailer of America takes pride in its inclusive policies – striving to create a safe space for all. Therefore, when the private activist account exposed the book for being transphobic, Target took measures to resolve the issue.

Authored by Abigail Shrier, the book ‘Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters’ remains controversial due to its portrayal of the trans community. It criticizes that the normalization of transgenderism is adversely impacting young impressionable girls.

The book goes on to provide insight into how the current generation of girls is being prodded to embrace another sexual identity. It highlights how these pliable juveniles are encouraged to undergo irrevocable sex-altering treatments involving medications and surgeries.

Although the removal of the infamous book pleased the liberals, Target faced immense backlash from the conservatives who viewed this act as ‘censorship.’ Even the author, Ms. Shrier took to Twitter to express her exasperation for ‘spineless corporations’ and ‘woke activists.’

This however isn’t the first time Shrier has called out corporations for trying to suppress her book for American readers. Some of her previous tweets revealed that Amazon blocks ads for her book but permits ads on books that romanticize the idea of a sex transition.

In the last few years, Target has made much effort to endorse equality and acceptance of all communities. One such example is the stores launching gender-neutral products in the kid’s aisles back in 2015.

In 2016, the billion-dollar company also introduced a new bathroom policy allowing trans customers to use whichever bathroom that matched their gender identity. This peculiar policy was met with instant resentment, so much so, that it significantly reduced the company’s stock value.

Target has also been mocked for taking on a gender-neutral approach only to one-up other companies. He claimed that by instigating these ‘woke’ policies; Target is seeking to solve problems that don’t exist.

In doing so, the corporation is causing itself much damage.