Five people were knocked down by a Police vehicle, as it plowed into the crowd in Tacoma Washington. The incident is currently under investigation.

As shown in the video, a large mob of people had encircled the police vehicle preventing it from moving forward. The car can be seen revving its engine as it attempts to drive through the crowd.

According to the spokesperson of the Tacoma Police, the crowd had blocked the streets of the area and cheered for street racers. When the police vehicle made the surge, they attacked it with donuts.

The police officer managed to plow through the crowd. Several people got hit, and one individual is reported injured. A statement, issued by the police explained that the crowd had blocked the way, thereby restricting the movement of the police car.

While trying to escape the assault from the crowd, the officer attempted to back up, however, he could not do so, as the group was surrounding his car from all directions. As he was trying to free himself from the crowd, the officer crashed his car into the crowd of people. One of the individuals was hit by the car. The injured was taken to the hospital immediately.

The episode is under investigation by the Pierce County Force Investigation Team, however, the identity of the police officer responsible is not known as of yet.

The Interim Police Chief has claimed that it might be another example of an officer using excessive force. He stated that the department will evaluate his actions.

There had been extreme outrage and protests over the use of deadly force by the police during the last year in the United States.