Due to the global pandemic and imposition of lockdowns, the fast-food chains and restaurants are coming up with new ideas to increase their sales.

Almost every fast-food chain has an extension of a mobile application that provides customers with discount offers and free meals.

Taco Bell came up with a new exciting free meal offer amidst the pandemic. To avail the offer, the customers will have to register themselves in the mobile app of Taco Bell. The free meal consists of the scrumptious 5-layer Burrito, a taco, cinnamon twists, and a drink.

The free meal offer is only applicable for one day. Since dine-in is restricted, the offer will be redeemed through the drive-through. This is to avoid any kind of risks and the implementation of necessary precautions.

The lockdown situation that has occurred due to the pandemic, has affected the rate of in-person visits. To keep up with the sales and customer engagement, the fast-food chains are now opting for mobile apps. This is an easy and convenient way even for the customers to get their hands on their favorite meals.

According to statistical analysis, the fast-food spots that have arranged customer-friendly drive-through services, have been gaining much better sales as compared to the dine-in restaurants. This report came out after the analysis of the pandemic situation. Furthermore, the sales figures for dine-in restaurants dropped by 58% and the sales of fast-food chains dropped by 21%.

There have been many new federal guidelines and restrictions to deal with the pandemic adequately. Following the current circumstances, people now prefer takeaways and drive-through. This sudden change in buyer behavior had a strong impact on sales and product consumption.

Panera came up with a new offer of free drinks for the customers who will subscribe to their phone application. This exciting offer gained them around 50,000 new app subscriptions. The app related offers and provision of free meals is not only convenient for the customers but also increases the sale profit.

This new phone application trend is now being followed by many other popular food chains. Customers can even avail of good discounts on meals with free and safe delivery options.