Trump is a Presidential Candidate who is supported and hated equally among the masses. In recent events, a report alerted the SWAT team as shots were fired at a Pro-Trump Caravan.

President Trump’s support has been increasing despite his negligence towards the COVID-19 situation. It may have triggered someone in the masses and therefore, his rally was targeted.

Trump’s decisions are subjective; some people like it, and some people are not very fond of them. But the idea of gunshots on a support rally is not the way to go.

SWAT team approached the area as a lady nearby reported gunfire. The area was searched thoroughly but it is expected that the culprits have fled the scene.

Gunshots on a support rally are a serious offense and the culprits should be behind bars. This does not reflect well on the opposition party as well.

Trump’s supporters are also as aggressive as he can get sometimes. But still, the firing on masses is not a smart move and it must be condemned at every forum.

America is leaning towards a gun-free nation and such incidents completely negate the sanctity of the movement. Gunshot incidents are not new to society and therefore, the majority of the people are in favor of a Gun-free society.

People are scared to death as such incidents are becoming a common occurrence and Police Department cannot track down the culprits in many cases. The restlessness among masses can result in chaos.

In this scenario, the SWAT team assured the people that the culprits will be brought to justice soon. This helped the people to see a little array of hope amidst the chaos.

The fights and arguments between the supporters of Trump and others are very common. There have fatal incidents across the country and this particular incident in Woodland Hills is of little significance compared to that.

The SWAT team is looking into the matter to make sure that the people behind this incident can be brought in for investigation. They are also looking into connections with other incidents.