Ralph Kiser – a contestant on the famous reality show – Survivor breathed his last this Wednesday after suffering a massive heart attack. He was 56-year-old.

According to the reports, Ralph Kiser suffered a severe heart attack and could not survive.

Kiser, who hailed from Lebanon, Virginia, and was a farmer had made a grand appearance on the 22nd season of “Survivor: Redemption Island” back in 2011. He had finished in eighth place in the reality show and was a member of the Zapatera Tribe.

Survivor series host Jeff Probst posted on the Twitter.

“The Survivor family extends our deepest condolences to the family of Ralph Kiser,”

“His huge smile, his positive attitude, and of course his infectious rooster crow made him one of the most likable to ever play Survivor.”

Kiser was known to have a very deep and affectionate relationship with the show called Survivor. He really wanted to join the cast and had applied repeatedly for the show in order to become “a hometown hero for the folks back home”

Ralph Kiser used to describe himself as “determined, strong-willed and stubborn” and was also one of the favorite contestants amongst the viewers of the reality show.

“I’m a likable person if you get to know me,” Kiser had said during an introductory interview in 2011. “I’ll make you laugh your a— off.”

After following his dream and making a successful stint at Survivor, Ralph Kiser returned back to his basics in Virginia and remained there till his death. He had a clinch mountain small animal auction in his hometown which he operated and owned.