Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the elections are all in vain as courts are dismissing his cases for being baseless. Something similar happened in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as the case filed by the Trump campaign got dismissed citing the reason that it has been filed late. Republicans were rejoicing the court decision in their favor when the Supreme Court stepped in and reverted the decision.

Trump has accused that the mail-in votes are not worthy of consideration as there is no way to validate them. This case was filed in the lower court and the decision was surprisingly in favor of Republicans.

There were seven members in the panel who reverted the decision made by the Commonwealth Court on the elections. They all had one reason to change the decision, which is the case was filed too late.

This is a year-old law and Trump could have argued on this point before the elections as well. If this had been the case, the decision might have ended up in his favor.

Since this issue was raised well after the results started coming in, the credibility of the case was lost. The court was of the view that Republicans reacted after they saw the results.

If the Supreme Court favors the results of the Commonwealth Court at this point, the election results will change dramatically. This would disrupt the entire transition period which is in progress now.

Two of the seven-member panel raised an issue that this case is beyond the scope of only this year’s elections. They favored the decision made by the others but were reluctant to see this matter swept under the rug.

This matter must be discussed on a larger scale and this issue must be resolved before the next elections commence. The only reason that the decision was reverted so quickly is that millions of votes would otherwise go to waste.

This decision was ridiculed by Republicans as they think it is has heavy political bias. The anguish over the decision was not unexpected however, as it came at a crucial time in their fight.

The last thing that the court wants is for votes to be thrown away without any valid proof. It is also evident that Republicans filed this case because they knew the results were not in their favor.

Republicans took their time before presenting their case, and this questions their own belief in the case they continue to pursue. The court pointed out in this direction before making their decision.