The Supreme court finally acts courageous and abolished one of the most controversial abortion laws Roe v. Wade- finally.

The historic case witnessed so many ups and downs, intimidation tactics by the parties, and even rallies across the country painting the abolishment as a crisis for churches and pregnancy centers.

The threats, rallies, and violent tactics all failed and the majority at the court stood together against the pressure and passed the law of abolishment of controversial abortion law.

As soon as the verdict was passed on Friday, the media, journalists, activists, celebrities, and prominent figures came out to discuss and slam the ruling of the honorable court. Celebrities and media personalities were of the opinion that abolishing the abortion law will hinder the Planned Parenthood Program.

A senior reporter at ABC Terry Moran stated, “women will die because of this ruling.”

The famous host of NBC’s show “Meet the Press”, Chuck Todd showed his disappointment in the court ruling stating that this will “take away” the rights of the people to opt for abortion.

“I think there are no more black robes. I think the robes are red and blue,” he said.

A senior reporter at the New York Times, Linda Greenhouse who has the experience of covering the court news for the past 30 years was utterly disappointed. She proclaimed in her column that “arrogance and [the] unapologetic nature of the opinion.” “What you have finished off is the legitimacy of the court on which you are privileged to spend the rest of your lives.”

Phillip Bump from the Washington Post claimed “scaling back abortion access is consistent with declining democracy.”

Actor Billy Eichner who is known for his straight-on-the-face political tweets, couldn’t hold back his anguish and went all caps lock saying “GET YOUR FICTIONAL HATEFUL BIBLE STORIES AND YOUR FAKE FICTIONAL RELIGIOUS BULLSH– OUT OF OUR F—ING LIVES. F— YOU.”

Other celebrities were equally berserk. Michael Moore called this controversial ruling a “crime against humanity” and asked the supporters to “Abort. The. Court.”

Singer Lizzo went against the verdict and pledged on donating $500,000 “from my upcoming tour to planned parenthood and abortion rights” on her Instagram.

All of these are a segment of how people have reacted to the controversial law. The media, journalists, and big names have come out in support of Planned Parenthood and against the abortion law abolishment.