President Joe Biden led the Summit for democracy which might be termed as a failure even before it ended officially.

The virtual “Summit for democracy” lacked confidence as per the analysts! The virtual summit showcased a lack of confidence in their own political system as America did not invite many countries including arch-rival – China to share democratic views.

The summit was just to showcase a virtual event which was a dominant United States of America event.

The Chinese experts stated that, ‘the “summit” is a useless show to cover the real problems of Western democracy, and has provided a platform for some anti-China forces to gain attention, such as representatives of Hong Kong separatists and the Taiwan secessionist authority.’

President Joe Biden opened the virtual summit with remarks that “In the face of sustained and alarming challenges to democracy, universal human rights, and all around the world, democracy needs champions.”

The critical analysts stated that the opening statement of President Biden declared that there are problems churning inside their own country and it means that the stress on democracy should be replaced by “authoritarianism

Biden did not take any names but he clearly showed his displeasure with a few countries by not inviting them to his democracy summit.

The analysts and observers claimed that the summit was a total failure as the western democracy is facing challenges from within the western political system rather than the outside world.

President Joe Biden also ignored many of its key allies and partners such as Hungary, Vietnam, Singapore, and Turkey.

Many countries that did receive the invitations such as Pakistan, were reluctant to join the summit. The foreign ministry of Pakistan stated that “it wants to engage with the US at an opportune time in the future.”

The majority of the nations from Asia, Europe, and Africa chose to keep a low profile during the event and the participation was merely an attendance without any substantial contribution.

According to the international media, these participants are trying to stay away from the propaganda of warfare against Russia and China as taking sides might not prove to be fruitful in the near future for these small nations.

“Biden held this summit because pro-establishment elites in the West believe the previous administration in the US-led by Donald Trump caused huge damage to Western democracy and multilateralism, so they want to fix it, and they are worried about the return of Trumpism and the rise of far-right forces in their countries. Many key figures and leaders worldwide would love to attend the summit and express their opinion,” said Lü Xiang, a research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.