According to an authentic medical model from the University Of Washington School Of Medicine, a 78% rise in the mortality rate of Coronavirus can be expected by the start of February 2021.

The death toll can be slightly reduced from 477,000 to 314,000 if all of the Americans use masks.

The researchers at the university predict that the death rate would soon decline, only to be followed by an increase in death toll as soon as winter surge appears.

Even with the imposition of SOPs in many states, an average of 2000 deaths can happen daily in the beginning of 2021.

Many states have recorded their highest 7-day average in new cases of COVID-19.

Averages of 52,345 fresh cases are being reported daily as winter is taking its toll, says the Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Peter Hotez, an expert in Tropical Medicine, said that the United States is heading towards an alarming situation. As seven states have shown a decrease in 10% cases of the coronavirus while 35 states have shown an increase in more than 10% cases of the virus.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the rise in the coronavirus cases rings an alarming bell as we go deeper into the colder season. Such a situation with an upward increase in virus would be devastating

A member of the World Health Organization, Maria Van Kerkhove, believes that responsible decisions taken by individual citizens can help in controlling the rising cases in the US and Europe.

The ultimate control of the COVID-19 can only happen if a vaccine is developed, as per healthcare experts.

Gov. Tony Evers emphasized that only people have the power to control and contain the virus and they can do it by staying at home and observing safety measures. As it would help in bringing the economy back to normal.

They also denounce the concept of herd immunity by implying that it can stop the economy from bankruptcy but at the cost of precious lives.

As per scientists, the practice of herd immunity is not supported by scientific studies and it can pose more damage than benefit. It can only be successful if people are vaccinated against the virus.