Minnesota – An expansive system of storms unleashing from the Rockies and moving into the Plains is posing severe weather, fire and tornadoes threat along with damaging winds – the media reported.

The state’s National Weather Service officials noticed a tornado moving in Plainview. Reportedly, it is the first tornado seen in the month of December moving with a speed of 70 mph towards the northeast.

The weather officials tweeted, “Please calmly take shelter.”

19 reports from Storm Prediction Center were received by 9:20 p.m. EST warning of the possible danger of tornadoes in Nebraska and Iowa. Meanwhile, 300 powerful wind reports had arrived from Central Plains.

In Lamar, Colorado, powerful winds travelling with the speed of 107 mph have overturned semi trucks, trees and destroyed rooftops, reported  Mayor Kirk Crespin.

“It’s been an interesting day here in Lamar and a record-breaking day for wind,” said Crespin. “Gusts have caused widespread damage.”

The storm outbreak on Wednesday was quite unusual for this time of the year as it comes right after the deadliest weather conditions in history.

 “All emergency management workers are operational and working hard to keep the community safe.

“We have tree damage and electrical lines down as well as the internet,” said Crespin . “We are working hard to keep everyone safe.”

All this time the crew had been out there to clear the damage caused by severe weather conditions and will continue their work till the afternoon in the evening.

“We will have a lot of damage to repair when the winds die down,” Crespin said.

The public information officer, Mike Smaldino, working with the Colorado Springs Fire Department, stated that “sustained winds and gusts have caused significant damage in Colorado Springs.

“Our own fire department roof has partly blown off,” said Smaldino. “Just on my drive into the city, I saw about a dozen semi-trucks toppled over.”

He further told about the situation on his side, saying, “the fire department have nearly quadrupled in the last three hours. We are dealing with gas leaks, grass fires from power lines being down as well as smoldering trees.”