Almost 6 years ago today, Facebook’s executives summoned reporters into their office, and guess what they revealed? The now-very common Instagram story feature – an exact carbon copy of Snapchat’s stories. Some of the most popular attributes of that feature include GIFs, re-posts, filters, and boomerangs. It has enabled users to share their daily life stories on a 24-hour posting booth.

Since this feature’s launch, Instagram’s picture posting rate on the feed has been affected as users don’t feel the need to go all the way to their profiles and upload photos anymore. You must be thinking, if we have private Instagram viewing tools like Picuki and Dumpor/Smihub, then there must be something for Instagram stories as well. Something that is solely built for this purpose? You got lucky today! We have penned down a detailed guide on Storiesdown. It is an Instagram story viewer that allows you to watch stories without revealing your name. To know further about it, keep on reading!

What is Storiesdown?

What is Storiesdown

Storiesdown Instagram has recently begun gaining popularity due to its unique selling point and it’s not a paid tool at all, in case you think it will break your savings account.

Basically, it’s an independent tool via which you can watch recent stories and posts of Instagram profiles in an anonymous mode.

Storiesdown Highlighted Features

  • It does not ask for any sort of payment to work.
  • You don’t have to provide your personal details to create an account on it to use this tool.
  • It allows you to view and download unlimited stories and posts.
  • It won’t downgrade the quality of your downloaded material.
  • It takes no more than a minute to search a profile on Instagram.
  • It is extremely user-friendly and easy to locate
  • Be it Android, IOS or any other operating system, it works fine on every device and system.

How does Storiesdown work?

How does storiesdown work

Follow the steps below to download and use Storiesdown.

  • Open the browser on your device and head to Storiesdown’s official website.
  • On the homepage, find a search space where you have to enter the profile’s URL or username you want to stalk.
  • Once you have entered the username, click ‘Search’.
  • After a bit, you will see all the recent content of that user’s account.
  • If you want to download the content on your device then hit the ‘download’ option at the bottom.

And with that, it’s done! Now you can do the same process for searching other profiles on Instagram.

Note: Sometimes, the search results don’t appear due to some issues with the user profile or tool itself. For instance, if the website is overloaded with a lot of search requests, it will say ‘Server’ is overloaded’.

Is Storiesdown legit and safe to use?

The answer depends on what kind of safety or security you are seeking. For instance, if you just want the tool to hide your name, then yes, it can do that for you.

Also, you can download and share that content without getting your name on the viewers’ list. Hence, it’s the best app for stalking public accounts. As far as private accounts are concerned, unfortunately, you cannot make the most of this tool in that aspect. However, if you can manage to get into your desired person’s private account, you might find this app useful.

As for security, this app is completely safe to use as it does not ask for your credentials to create an account, nor does it breach private accounts’ privacy.

What is the downside of Storiesdown?

How does storiesdown work

Since no tool is free of downsides, you might find some in this Instagram story viewer tool as well. Firstly, as already discussed, it does not show you a private account’s content, which is a major drawback for some of you. Secondly, you can get caught and blocked if you use this tool often, as Instagram can track your IP address.

Instagram does not compromise its users’ privacy hence, using such a tool can have severe consequences. Moreover, the matter can get even worse if you get caught using someone else’s content for your own benefit. 

Why is Storiesdown better than Other Tools?

There are several reasons for this. Unlike other tools that promise unlimited features and deliver only a handful, Storiesdown offers only those functions that it ACTUALLY provides. It does not ask for your credentials which is a great thing as you cannot be scammed or hacked while using the tool.

Big business accounts on Instagram take help from this tool to analyze data and keep track of their businesses. People who used this app have positively reviewed it. Would you resort to other Instagram story viewer applications with such a helpful tool?

Alternatives to Storiesdown

Alternatives to Storiesdown

Below we have listed some other Instagram story viewer tools that you can use. However, since we have not personally tried any of them, we cannot vouch for their credibility.

  3. Chrome IG Story
  4. The Story Saver Software

It is an online tool that helps you download another person’s information from the internet. All you need to do is just

  • Type on your browser
  • Once the page is opened, type your username
  • All the stories of that username will appear before you with a link to download them. is another good platform that allows you to view anyone’s stories on Instagram without creating an account on it.

  • Type on your browser
  • Type the username of the person whose stories you want to watch
  • It will show you a list of all the active accounts on Instagram
  • Choose the one you were looking for and you are good to stalk!

That is how you can watch all the stories of public accounts without exposing your name.

Chrome IG Story

Unlike other tools that directly open on your browser, Chrome IG Story is an extension that you have to download before start using it.

  • Download the browser extension
  • Launch the app and type that person’s user name in the search bar.
  • Now hit the search button.
  • You will get all the stories on your device with a download option.

The Story Saver

It is an Android app via which users can watch Instagram’s content for any profile anonymously. Moreover, you can download, share and re-upload the same content on Instagram.


There could be a good number of reasons why somebody wants to use an Instagram story viewer tool. Whether to learn an influencer’s reach, spy on a competitor’s profile to learn their marketing tactics or supervise your kid’s profile, the story viewer tools are undeniably needed by many.

Storiesdown Instagram is one of the useful tools that will help you carry out the process with finesse. Via this tool, you can watch, download and share Instagram’s content in high quality without creating an account on it.


Is Storiesdown legit or not?

For those who doubt, Storiesdown is a legit website/tool that allows you to watch anyone’s Instagram stories anonymously. It provides all the features it claims on its website.

Can you download stories via Storiesdown?

Of course, and not just that, you can also download the user’s posts.

Can you view a private account via Storiesdown?

Unfortunately, no. Storiesdown is not designed for viewing private Instagram accounts. It works more like an Instagram story viewer for public accounts as you can view everything from a public profile without needing to create an account on Instagram.

Is Storiesdown secure?

Well, there should not be any problem using this app because you use this tool to view accounts that are already public, so there won’t be any privacy concerns.

Can you view Instagram stories without an Instagram story viewer?

When you check out someone’s story on Instagram in airplane mode, you won’t show up in their story viewers list. However, you won’t be able to download them. Also, you need to have an Instagram account to do so.

How long Instagram stories can be?

On average, Instagram stories can be of 15 seconds. The app will break them into multiple stories if it is longer than that.

Can users determine how many times someone has watched their stories?

While it would be the most wanted feature, it has not been introduced so far. So yeah, the app won’t show how many times someone has watched your stories. It just counts per user view.