Steve Burton finally opens up about his whereabouts after being sacked from the hit show “General Hospital” and why he avoids interviews.

Steve Burton was fired from the television soap drama over a ‘vaccine mandate’.

Burton stated that he has declined the interviews after his infamous leave from the daytime soap drama on his podcast “that’s awesome with Steve & Bradford.” Where he is a co-host with his friend Bradford Anderson.

Steve Burton blurted out his anguish “I’ve gotten a lot of requests for interviews, but I don’t want to do them.” “I’m not interested, guy.” I don’t want to see any division. “That’s the bottom line,” says the actor and co-host. “I know people are frustrated, I know people are angry, I know all these things,” he said. “Just to let you know, I’m fine.”

Since 1991, Burton has played Jason Morgan on the soap series. He departed the program in 2012 then returned five years later in the same role. Steve Burton got fired from “General Hospital” when he had refused to get vaccinated. The vaccination mandate was enforced from November 1st.

There are no plans for the recast of Steve Burton in the hit soap drama as the character he played, Jason will meet his untimely death in the show this week.

Even though General Hospital brought many dead characters back to life in the past, so there might be a possibility to see Jason back on the show later but for the time being this seems like an out-of-context question.

Many social media users were divided over the issue of Jason returning to the show or not. There were a lot of fans who wanted him back on the show whereas as many wanted Steve Burton to abide by the rules and follow the instructions of getting vaccinated and return to the show.