Steve Bannon, Advisor of the Former President of the United States of America Donald Trump is all set to surrender in front of New York prosecutors this Thursday.

It is expected that he will be indicted for fraud because he was pardoned by president trump previously.

According to the latest reports, all the criminal charges were kept sealed against Steve Bannon but they have been very similar to the federal fraud case that he has been facing for the crowdfunding efforts in order to build a wall on the U.S-Mexico border.

The federal fraud case against Steve Bannon has him accused of defrauding various people or contributing to private crowdfunding for about $25 million in order to build the wall on the border. He was found guilty in the case but was pardoned by his boss – former president of the united states of America Donald trump before the trial could see the light of the day.

The preemptive pardons by the president covered federal cases only that is the reason why Steve Bannon was caught by the New York prosecutors as the states are allowed to charge on their own.

Steve Bannon has called the charges against him “phony” and said that these charges are an effort to malign his reputation.

The federal charges against him and three other accomplices for cheating people who donated to the “we build the wall” campaign, construction of the wall on a private portion.

After getting pardoned by Donald Trump, the investigators in New York opened another investigation against Bannon last year. The case accuses Bannon and three of his close associates of having used the money for big luxury vehicles, golf carts, jewelry, expensive hotel bookings and trips, and other personal expenses.

Steve Bannon is accused of using about $1 million of the collected amount for his personal use.

The other two close associates of Steve Bannon are Florida-based capitalist Andrew Badolato and veteran of Air Force Brian Kolfage. Both of them have already pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the federal court of New York in April of 2022.