Stephen Curry is on FIRE!!! Right now, he is playing one of the best stretches of his career by making and breaking newer records on the courts of basketballs across the country.

Curry scored 37 points in the match against the Sacramento Kings on Sunday night; making the Golden State The Warriors clinched an easy win with a 117-113.

Curry shot 11 out of the 21 with seven more 3 pointers during the game. His April score surpassed legend James Harden’s NBA record of 82. He was on fire last night as he even hit from way back astonishing the crowd and probably himself.

The Kings’ players also applauded Curry for his outsmart performance. He was unstoppable, said Holmes; the Sacramento Center who returned after a five-game absence because of a hamstring pull in his right foot. He contributed five rebounds and 11 points.

Walton was pleased by the Kings’ performance but he did confess that Curry was everywhere on the court making it difficult to score or defense. The team played well but fell short of a few points on the board making the Warriors win.

Golden State also beat the Sacramento Kings by 137-106 on January 4th at Chase Center, but the rivalry gets renewed every time both teams face each other on the court.

After the match conference, Curry was seen in a relaxed and good mood. He stated that he plays with all his might to crush the opponents and believes that he is the best shooter in the world, currently. He said this doesn’t stop him from working more diligently and he workouts even harder to profess his techniques and game tactics.

Kings are all set to crash Dallas on their home ground on Monday night who have won the last two games at home and will be heading to Golden State next. Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors will be hosting Mavericks next Tuesday who have lost six out of eight games to Dallas along with losing three games at home.