The Chicago Bears struggled mightily throughout the whole season. The fact that Justin Fields did not have any support on offence was one of the contributing factors that made the situation difficult. His offensive line was awful, and his weapons were almost as poor as the line.

During this offseason, they have an absolute obligation to make every effort to get him the assistance he needs so that he may make progress in the correct direction. Should they fail to accomplish so, the 2023 campaign may prove to be just as challenging for both him and the offence.

Stefon Diggs is a potential asset that the Bears might have at their disposal if he becomes available. Because he is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL, he can make the offence of any team that he is on more explosive. It’s not often that you see such a dynamic receiver in a position like that.

On Sunday afternoon, the Buffalo Bulls were defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals, and it seemed that he was less than pleased with the outcome. It is not a good indicator that he exited the locker room with his stuff before the coaches even made it back to the room themselves.

Diggs is a fantastic talent, but one has to question whether they will be able to keep him on the squad for the duration of the off-season. It is possible that he will push his way out of the team, similar to what he did with the Minnesota Vikings.

If he does in fact seek a trade, the Bears may not be in a better position than Buffalo, but it wouldn’t hurt for them to try if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Chicago Bears have a chance to acquire him if he is available, and they may do so by trading one of the following three packages:

  1. If the Bills set a high asking price for Stefon Diggs, the Chicago Bears may be willing to pay that price.

There is a possibility that the Buffalo Bills may ask for a very high price to get Stefon Diggs in a trade. They are aware of his explosiveness as well as the fact that he is just 29 years old and still has a lot of game left in him.

  • It’s possible that the Chicago Bears may obtain him for a considerably lower price than they anticipate.

Even though it is impossible to know what is going through the minds of NFL general managers, there is a strong likelihood that Diggs will find the initial offer’s salary to be completely out of his price range. Now is the time to consider the situation from the other viewpoint. What if he turns out to be really inexpensive in reality?

  • A wide receiver swap could be made by the Chicago Bears this off-season.

If Bills trade Darnell Mooney for Stefon Diggs, it would be a excellent swap for the Bears at the moment.