Tucker Carlson taunts the officials of the states on canceling Christmas and implementing lockdowns once again for the residents, while they are partying out.

Christmas is around the corner and this year it seems that the odds are not in favor of Americans. Due to the ongoing pandemic and threat of the second wave, officials of various states have implemented lockdowns once again.

However, Tucker Carlson from Fox News is not coming slow while revealing the dark truths of these so-called leaders.

Dr. Henry Walke, the CDC incident manager has asked the Americans to sit at home and not go anywhere this holiday season. Moreover, Biden has also asked people to take care and stay safe, because if they don’t, then around 250,000 more people may lose their lives to Covid-19 by January.

Biden is also planning to introduce the ‘hundred days of masks’ rule once he takes the presidential seat officially.

Up till now, these were just suggestions. However, Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angles has made the movement illegal in Los Angles. It means no one can travel through any vehicle or bicycle, nor anyone is allowed to travel on foot.

Furthermore, he announced that everyone must cancel all of their plans and regarded this year as the year of sacrifice. On this announcement, he was trolled and was accused of taking away the free will of the people of Los Angles.

London Breed, Mayor of San Francisco, also came under harsh criticism as on the one hand she advocated for lockdown and on the other hand, she was spotted having lunch in a restaurant.

A similar case is also going on in Texas. Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin ordered his constituents to stay inside this Christmas while he was enjoying his time at a Mexican beach resort. According to the reports, Adler flew into his private jet along with strangers.

When leaders that people look up to do such things, then it makes people wonder are the rules only apply to them? Is the virus a threat only for the common people? Are the leaders immune from this virus? Questions like these and many others pop up in people’s minds and make them believe conspiracy theories surrounding this deadly pandemic.