Family of the 13-year-old boy Stanley Davis identified his body from the Florida dirt bike crash that occurred near Boynton Beach, now they are seeking answers as to what led to such a fatal accident. Davis’s mother and grandmother identified him as Stanley “SJ” Davis III.

According to his mother Shannon Thompson, Stanley Davis was an only child and had turned 13 on December 5 just a few weeks ago. In a phone interview after his demise Thompson expressed her grief and remorse saying, “Right now, it’s hard. He’s all I had. That’s my only child. Right now I’m just trying to be strong.”

His grandmother Tina Hunter further added that Davis had gotten the dirt bike just a day before as his Christmas gift, and was trying it out for the first time the very next day when the accident occurred. “He could have questioned him in a safe space when he parked to get gas. You waited and chased him until you chased him to his death,” referring to the video footage from the surveillance camera that shows Stanley Davis just mere few minutes before the incident occurs when he got off at a gas station, used the mart before riding off on his bike again.

The camera footage shows Davis being tailed by a police car after he gets out of the gas station after he started riding his bike again, not while he was already stopped. 

The Boynton Beach Police Department said, “Preliminary investigation indicates that the dirt bike operator was observed driving recklessly on Boynton Beach Boulevard. Officers attempted a traffic stop, and the dirt bike went down in the 800 block of North Federal Highway,” but this defense of the matter has not been conclusive because of no footage during the accident.

The officer involved in the accident has been put on administrative leave immediately since Sunday, and since “remains on administrative leave, per department policy.” The investigation regarding the crash is being conducted by the Florida Highway Patrol, on top of the internal investigation going on at the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Police Chief Michael G. Gregory addressed the insinuation of the crash that led to the death of Stanley Davis being deliberate, saying, “I’ve not seen any evidence or heard any witness testimony that states that the officer’s vehicle came in contact with the dirt bike operator’s dirt bike.”