At least nine people were killed, including two children aged 12, in a stampede that occurred on Thursday at a fully-crowded rock performance in the city of Quetzaltenango, located in the western region of Guatemala, according to local officials and emergency services.

Maria del Carmen Sajquim, a spokesman for Guatemala’s Western Regional Hospital, said that there were 6 individuals who got hurt during the outdoor celebration in the early hours of Thursday.

According to statements made by local firemen earlier on Twitter, those who were hurt have been sent to the hospital, and it is thought that some of them sustained fractures.

According to witnesses who were present at the crime scene, the location only had two entrances, which resulted in a chaotic situation as people hurried to get out.

The festival, which included the performances of more than ten bands, was hailed as an annual event that takes place in the Central American country to honor its independence day.

In the last few years, Latin America has seen an increase in the number of fatal accidents that occur at public gatherings. The stampede is only one example of these incidents.

A portion of a stand at a bullring in the Colombian town of El Espinal collapsed in the month of June, causing the deaths of four people and more than seventy injuries.

A concertgoer accidentally set off a flare in the crowded venue just when the Callejeros rock band was about to perform, causing a fire that killed 194 people at a nightclub in Buenos Aires. This incident was one of the most catastrophic to ever occur in the area.