The Senate runoff elections are the talk of the town and there are allegations of registering deceased voters. The group founded by Abrams is being investigated for allegedly registering deceased voters.

There have been several warnings issued to many groups who have been allegedly registering false voters. Any election is incomplete without voters and their integrity is to be kept intact for the election to be fair.

Abrams group is going through a series of investigations for different allegations from different counties. The significance of the Senate elections is that it will be crucial for President-elect Joe Biden to run the government.

Both Republicans and Democrats are trying to win the runoffs, which is why these fraudulent activities in Georgia are of significance. But the fraud will go to an extent where the deceased will not be spared was not anticipated.

The irregularities in the state of Georgia for registration of votes are appalling and therefore, being investigated. Raffensperger was upset that the college students were encouraged to commit a felony as showing themselves as residents of Georgia.

The kids from different schools were told that they will not be questioned for their residencies. Abrams project ‘The New Georgia Project’ has been involved in registrations of people who are no longer alive or do not live in the state.

In a disturbing event, one of the residents from a county received different postcards to register as a dead person. Similar stories are spread all across different counties including Cherokee County where an ineligible voter was registered.

This voter solicitation is far beyond the Georgia election and its implications will resonate around the country. Some parties are allegedly being involved in fraudulent activities to promote felonies in the Senate runoff elections.

The law clearly states that anyone who is going to register themselves as a false voter is committing a felony. But many groups are neglecting this law and they will face the consequences for committing a felony in the future.

Georgia Senate runoff elections are a bone of contention as they will decide who will rule the Senate. It is important to gain control of the Senate to run the government and both parties are aware of it.

These elections are to be conducted on January 5th and therefore, all the precautions are being taken to avoid fraud. This is the reason that there is an ongoing investigation in this matter.