RB Leipzig Ultras German Soccer Great Contradiction

RB Leipzig Ultras the greatest contradiction of German Soccer

Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian billionaire, recently spotted in news headlines. Mateschitz owns about 49% of the Red bull Company and has the position as a co-founder of the company. He...
UFC 252 in Las Vegas Saturday night

UFC 252 winners and losers, in Las Vegas Saturday night

UFC 252 in Las Vegas was a thrilling event that captured the attention of many fans around the world. UFC 252: Miocic vs. Cormier 3 was an event arranged...

Barcelona Vs. Bayern Munich – Messi, Barca ended up champions league underdogs

The tables have dramatically turned for Barcelona, as they enter to face Bayern Munich as underdogs. Barca is a huge name when it comes to the Champions League, but...
UEFA Europa League best bets

UEFA Europa League best bets, wolves can win over Sevilla

The stakes are high as the UEFA Europa league moves one step closer to its finale. With Man Utd and Inter Milan already scoring a place in the semifinals,...
LeBron James' Lakers are the no. 1 seed

The once No. 1 seed in the West, the Lakers, off to a bad...

Shortly after the second quarter started, LeBron James playing opposite the Oklahoma City Thunder and was barely able to graze the rim, and it has resulted in quite disappointing...
FIFA 21 Gameplay Trailer Reveals

Trailer for FIFA 2021 Gameplay shows several features including Rewind

2021 FIFA game trailer is launched and gamers are drooling over it. It shows the new features being added in the game and also explains how the players will...
Joe Kelly doesn't back down to Astros

The Revenge Of Joe Kelly Against Astros As Dodgers’ Bag The Victory

On Tuesday’s game night, hostility slowly begins to surface between the Dodgers and the Houston Astros after the sixth inning. The first scene failed to attract any special attention. Joe...
Angels rotation may need first-week tweak

Angels rotation may need first week tweak due to schedule

The LA Angels are initiating their shortened season of 2020 with a strategy. Although the team is struggling with some issues, they have more than enough talent to perform...
wwe extreme rules results rey mysterio loses to seth rollins

WWE extreme rules segment: Seth Rollins pops out Mysterio’s eye in a gory match

WWE has always relied on various gimmicks to attract the audience. With the new pay-per-view set up, it’s only natural that WWE would rely on another wacky gimmick to...
sports journalists

The Best Sports Journalists of All Times

Sports journalism has always been about providing a tactful analysis of sports. Conveying the highlights of an event appropriately, thus focusing on key issues that differentiate the ordinary from...