Olympics could be canceled if coronavirus persists next year

Tokyo Olympics Could Be Canceled If COVID-19 Prolongs

Olympics 2020 was canceled because of the Covid-19 outbreak but it is predicted that if the situation does not come under control till July 2021, chances are the game...
Premier League is so desperate to return from the coronavirus pandemic

The Premier Leagues Wants To Come Back By Mid-June

The English Premier League is desperate to restart as soon as possible. After suspending league matches during March due to the dangers of coronavirus, there are now talks within...
sports will soon return without fans like the good old days

Sports Will Soon Return But Without Fans, Trump

The coronavirus has led everyone to miss their former lives and what is now referred to as the ‘old norm’. This includes American president Donald Trump who has recently...
We may not see international football until 2021

International Football can get delayed as late as 2021 according to the vice president...

The restrictions on traveling have been practiced internationally since the coronavirus pandemic worsened. The vice president of FIFA believes that the football players might not get to play till...
Former NFL quarterback Tarvaris Jackson dies in car crash

Former NFL quarterback Tarvaris Jackson passes away in a car accident

A piece of unfortunate news has surfaced regarding a former National Football League quarter-back player Tarvaris Jackson. The football player was reportedly involved in a severe car accident in...
Tokyo 2020 not in a position to tell if Olympic Games will go ahead next year

Tokyo Uncertain if Olympic Games Will Go Ahead Next Year Or Not

The Chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Committee has cautioned about the uncertainty due to the virus regarding the upcoming Olympic Games next year and has urged individuals to put...