If you have not had the chance to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home in theatres yet, you have been warned about the spoilers. For those who have, the sheer amount of cameos that Marvel plays with is in itself an entertaining card for the audience.

The trailer left a lot of clues for the audience before the film aired, and there were other genuine fan theories that came out to be true (example: a certain amazing spider-man saving MJ because he couldn’t save Gwen), but this was a rather lovely surprise that not many saw coming. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker sits with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock, known in the superhero world as Daredevil or everyone’s favorite lawyer, after Peter needs assistance fighting allegations that he killed Mysterio and endangered people.

This is a highly important point for the MCU as a big interconnected universe. Many thought that was over with Avengers: Endgame when that phase of MCU came to an end with several iconic leading characters passing on the mantle of the mightiest heroes. However, everything that the MCU has been churning out this year, with WandaVision, Loki, Black Widow, Shang-Chi, now Spider-Man, while the Hawkeye series runs with many characters from it’s previous projects, the MCU stage is once again set to progress.

Daredevil was not the only out-of MCU character introduced in Spider-Man, as we said this contains spoilers, one post credit scene shows Tom Hardy’s Venom disappearing in a last spell that Dr. Strange casts in the movie before the credits roll. This is an even exciting part because that means a potential Spider-Man movie in the future with Venom is not that far-fetched now.

In addition to Venom, Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool also made somewhat of a satirical clip this year announcing his introduction to MCU, while there have been no official statements, it seemed pretty official to  hear from Deadpool in his costume and all his fourth-wall-breaking glory.   All this said, the upcoming Marvel projects are all going to be more ambitious and more entertaining, filled with signature Marvel wit and relativity in its characters.