After the recent events in Washington DC when the protestors stormed the Capitol, many questions are raised regarding the homeland security. Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker has talked to Joint Chiefs in connection with Trump’s access to Nuclear codes.

In the light of the recent protests in Washington D.C. that posed a direct threat to the American political system, the news of possibility of the 25th Amendment to be revoked made headlines in the media. Trump’s call for the protest to support him against Congress announcing the results of the Electoral College was an unwise step.

Nancy Pelosi wants the Vice President to invoke the 25th amendment and make sure that Trump is removed before January 20. Her concerns over the President are justified as his statements and actions threaten the very political fabric of the US, while making the transition process hard enough for Biden.

She also considers Donald Trump unstable for the post and therefore, wants him removed immediately. President Trump had challenged the outcome of the Presidential Elections 2020 and tried every possible tactic to revert the decision.

While addressing the House, Pelosi admits to the fact that she has talked to the top generals on the matter of Trump’s access to nuclear codes. It is happening for the first time that America is being held hostage to her president.

The 25th amendment can be invoked at any time to remove the president if he is deemed unstable for the post. The protest in Washington DC was anticipated to turn violent and therefore, the National Guard was called by the mayor beforehand. There were several arrests made before the protest to avoid any violent activity and for the safety of the citizens.

President Donald Trump did not want to leave the Oval Office peacefully, but to the surprise of many, Trump announced that he will not make the transition process more difficult. He has also announced that he will not be attending the ceremony for Joe Biden’s oath-taking. He believes that it is a difficult time for him.