The unexpected increase in coronavirus cases in Southern California has overwhelmed the entire health system. The medical professionals have been asking the people to maintain a safe distance and follow the precautions, but they are exhausted as well.

People did not follow the precautions on Thanksgiving and did not refrain from meeting each other. This is the reason that the US is seeing a surge at the moment.

Even though the vaccine is available, coronavirus cases are still on the rise. It will take many months before the vaccine can be provided to every citizen of America.

The people continue to ignore the precautions set forward by the government. This negligent behavior has led to a surge in the number of coronavirus cases lately. People are ignorant of the fact that they are still suffering from one of the deadliest viruses humans have ever encountered.

Over 300,000 people have already lost their lives in America and the number is expected to increase in the coming months. It is unbelievably devastating to see people ignoring the health safety precautions.

Southern California is one of the most coronavirus-affected regions of the US. The medical professionals are struggling to cope up with the pressure situation.

Many of the health workers are working in intensive care units (ICUs) while there are around 2 million cases of coronavirus. The Los Angeles County records one death every 10 minutes daily.

There have been some mutations with the coronavirus and a new contagious virus has emerged. This virus is supposed to cause more deaths as it will take time to come up with a vaccine for this new virus.

The health workers are overwhelmed by the entire situation in Southern California. The people who are coming in for the treatment are in serious condition, and their number is increasing daily. This means that the ventilators in the ICUs are not enough to cater to every patient anymore.

The current surge was first noticed during the Thanksgiving Holidays and now with the Christmas Holidays, more cases are being reported.