Biden’s administration has confirmed to Fox News that it will restart completion of the southern boundary wall levee, while the migrant situation threatens to escalate out of control.

The USACE will resume work on a 13.4-mile levee in the Rio Grande Valley. According to reports, the move was made in response to pressure from local citizens and lawmakers to address the incessant crossing spike.

Priority repairs to avoid floods are scheduled to start in 6 weeks, accompanied by the construction of a concrete levee wall equipped with protective barriers in 6 to 9 months. The USACE explained that the wall would not be extended and that it will now temporarily restore the Rio Grande flood levee.

According to DHS wall building has been halted to the maximum degree allowed by statute. According to DHS, we’ve begun vital work to restore the flood levee in the Rio Grande Valley, which was excavated to make room for the border’s wall. USACE reported on Twitter that the remediation work did not include extending the boundary fence.

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DHS said in a statement that the repairs would shield border communities from physical hazards created during development. According to the statement, huge holes were blasted into the Rio Grande Valley’s flood barrier structure to make room for the wall, necessitating reconstruction in order to avoid catastrophic flooding.

President Biden’s first executive order since assuming office effectively suspended all border wall development, and the migrant surge has become worse following his 20th January inauguration, as the rate of irregular crossings continues to rise and detention centers have posed a danger to public health in the middle of a pandemic.

According to CBP, 178,622 migrant encounters were reported in April 2021, the largest monthly number in more than two decades.

Mexican military personnel were seen for the first time in Del Rio, Texas, on Wednesday, monitoring the opposite shoreline and detaining refugees attempting to cross the Rio Grande.

Mayor Bruno Lozano of Del Rio, Texas, a Democrat, spoke out on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, voicing outrage about the escalating situation and the administration’s inability to contain it. He said that they keep promising us the border is under surveillance, and it is not possible with a 392 percent surge in only this fiscal year. He added that there were 19,724 captures at this stage last year and we’re now at 97,398. He said he cannot comprehend how it is contained.