Indeed, dogs are man’s best friends. However, this time, a fluffy four-eared, called Baekgu proved why dogs are faithful and best companions.

According to CNN, A 90-year woman living in South Korea, Hongseong, was reported missing on August 25 – as per the press release, she had a dog named Baekgu, and allegedly the woman was a dementia patient. 

On investigation, the police found footage in which a woman who was only identified by the name Kim and a fluffy white dog was leaving the farm. The police and the fire department began a search operation for the lady and took the nearby residents on board who volunteered and cleaned the area after the rain. 

After 40 hours of scrutiny, the woman was found about 1.3 miles away from her place in a rice field. From her appearance, it seemed like she had fainted on the wet ground where the rice fully grew, hiding her face from view and leaving her all wet and difficult to pull out. 

In a press release, which happened on Monday, police said we might not get her if there wasn’t his faithful dog Baekgu. 

Throughout this difficult time, her dog Baekgu stayed by her side and kept her warm as the temperature was at its worst during the entire time. She even began feeling some symptoms of Hypothermia. 

The authorities gave credit to the dog Baekgu for the rescue of his owner. They captured the thermal signature of the dog when the rescue team sent a drone there to capture the scene. 

The woman is doing fine and recovering as she was instantly admitted to the hospital. While the dog has gotten a title from authorities for his bravery. 

The country’s fire agency also introduced a law the previous year that permitted the selection of brave firefighters, rescue dogs, and ambassadors – due to that, Bakegu became eligible for receiving the first-ever title for a rescue dog in the country.

The event’s pictures showed a floral garland that the authorities placed around the dog’s neck with a small crowd along with the provincial governor to pay tribute to him. 

Governor Yang Seung Jo, said, “At a difficult time due to Covid-19, Baekgu created an unbelievable miracle and moved everyone,”

The daughter of the owner told the news channels that they rescued Baekgu 3 years ago from a fight with a giant dog, and since then he is living with them as she said,

“Baekgu especially liked my mother, and it’s as if Baekgu returned our favor,”  “I was so concerned as mom went missing for hours due to the rainy weather … I’m grateful, and Baekgu is our family.”