U.S. representative for South Carolina, Nancy Mace, tested positive for Covid for a second time. However, this time the infection is milder compared to the first time, she said on Monday.

Following her statement that she is fully vaccinated, the US politician revealed that she knew all this time that she had contracted the virus though she opted to get tested after one of her children tested positive for Covid.

“After one of my children tested positive for COVID-19 this morning, I also got tested. I tested positive. I’m fully vaccinated. This is also my 2nd round with COVID-19. Feeling ok. I will be working from home in Charleston while I quarantine and recover”.

“Tested positive for COVID-19 today after one of my kids tested positive. This is the second time I’ve had COVID.  I’m fully vaxxed. Will be working from home the rest of the week. Stay safe y’all”, Tweeted Nancy Mace.

Nancy Mace has once again become the target of the Covid following the recent resurgence of the virus in the country fueled by the current Omicron variant.

In a recent statement, Charleston Republican said she “plans to work from home during her quarantine period, describing her current symptoms as ‘more mild than the first time.’ Though fully vaccinated since the spring of 2021”.

She concluded her statement by saying she has yet to receive the booster dose.

The first time Mace tested positive for Covid was in 2020 following winning a tough GOP Primary in 1st District South Carolina. At the time of the campaign, Mace revealed to her supporters that she had been tested positive for Covid after learning about her campaign members who had a similar condition.

Mace has been vocal about her “long-haul”  Covid experience since she contracted the virus for the first time. In Sept 2021, the South Carolina representative detailed how she “occasionally experienced fatigue and shortness of breath, as well as occasional hyperventilation during intense exercise, something I never experienced before COVID.”

Nancy Mace has been encouraging the state residents to get vaccinated on a priority as she wrote, “vaccination is not a perfect fix, but it’s the best fix we have during this global pandemic.”