South Carolina – 1 dead and two injured after a shooting erupted in the state’s industrial plant on Tuesday evening, officials revealed.

The chaos initiated at the facility in Anderson County at roughly 10:35 p.m. and at that time, 30 workers were inside the plant. Some left the plant in a panic to take shelter from the shooting and gathered at Typsy Tavern Bar & Grill across the street, as per Anderson County Sheriff, Chad McBride’s statement.

Later at around 11:00 p.m., multiple police deputies and emergency services responded to an emergency call from the FRÄNKISCHE facility, where they found two people injured and the gunman’s dead body, reported Cody Alcorn from FOX News.

Cody Alcorn posted on Twitter live from the location. The post reads,

“SHOOTING AT INDUSTRIAL PLANT: I can confirm a shooting has taken place at FRÄNKISCHE USA Lp in Anderson County off Hwy 81. EMS confirms gunshot victims. I’m told the facility is secure. There is a large presence of Anderson County deputies. We have crews headed to the scene.”

The state deputies secured the area after the gunman died of alleged ‘self-inflicted injury’, said the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and reported Victoria Carmen from FOX News.

“At least three people shot. Media staging area is set up where we’ll be briefed by @AndersonSheriff following active shooter at industrial plant. Condition of victims not release yet,” Tweeted Alcorn.

During the investigation of the incident, it was revealed that the deceased gunman, who was initially being counted among the victims was a former worker of the facility.

Victoria Carmen from Fox Carolina News wrote, “3 people shot, including suspect who died of self inflicted gunshot wound at FRÄNKISCHE, according to Anderson Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Other 2 victims brought to hospital, 1 in critical condition. No motive right now but suspect was former employee @foxcarolinanews

The other two injured were immediately driven to the hospital, said the police. One was in a serious condition, they added.

The shooter’s motive is unknown so far.

It is a developing story. We will keep you updated as we receive further information.