A South Carolina on-duty officer got killed while responding to an incident report on early morning Sunday, officials reported.

“A South Carolina police officer was killed in the line of duty while responding to a domestic disturbance Sunday, police say,” CNN Tweeted.

On Sunday around 2:48 a.m the officer who was identified as Roy Andrew “Drew” Barr, 28, responded to a domestic violence report. He even said to had spoken to a man in the front yard of the residence, said Cayce Police Chief Chris Cowan at a news conference.

Just when he started talking to that man, several gunshots were fired from the residence of which once hit the officer and killed him.

Later the man who fired the shots from the inside barricaded and killed himself inside the house after a 7-hours standoff with authorities. The officials have not released his identity yet.

Officer Roy Andrew “Drew” Barr, got into the Cayce police department in 2016 as a trainee. He graduated from the police Academy in 2017.

Being a dedicated member of the Police community, Barr had also served as an  EMT and volunteer firefighter. He was promoted as a K-9 officer with his dearest labrador retriever partner, Molly.

The Monetta Volunteer Fire Department stated Barr has served as a captain of their Aiken County department, reported WSPA.

“He was committed to his profession, he was committed to his community. He cared about nothing else than serving this community and he was shot and killed this morning for no reason,” said Cowan of the deceased.

“He had no wife or children, but was married to this profession,” he added.

After a year in his job as a trainee at the police department, Barr courageously survived a gunshot as reported by the news outlets. The suspect who shot him is still serving a long 30-year sentence punishment in state and federal sentences.

“Our hearts are breaking in Cayce,” grieving Mayor Elise Partin said to the reporters on Sunday. “Officer Drew Barr has been an important part of the Cayce family since 2016.”

Wesley Hunt took to Twitter to pay tribute to the deceased officer, he wrote, “Another hero lost in the line of duty. We’re praying for Officer Barr, his family and for everyone who wears the badge and protects our communities.”

Cayce is a suburb in South Carolina that provides accommodation to at least 14000 people.