The alleged longtime girlfriend of Soulja Boy finally came out in public to describe how she feels about the baby news posted by the rapper with another woman.

The on and off again girlfriend of rapper Soulja Boy, Aliya Hayes said that she was completely “blindsided” by the news of Soulja having a baby with another woman.

29-year-old Aliya Hayes stated that she had absolutely no idea that the rapper was going out with someone else and had impregnated the other woman until the news broke on the internet.

The 31-year-old rapper posted about the last-minute gender reveals of his baby recently.

Meanwhile, Hayes claimed that she and the “pretty boy swag” rapper have been together for over a decade now and have been planning a “future” together.

“I found out with the rest of the world and I thought we were best friends. We were lovers, we’ve known each other for a decade,” she said. “When I saw it, I was devastated, I dropped my phone. My heart dropped into my stomach, I fell over and started crying because I was heartbroken.”

“I thought our future had nothing to do with another woman being pregnant. I found out their gender reveal was at the very last minute and it just broke my heart.”

Aliya also claims that the mother of Soulja Boy’s unborn child is a hairdresser named Jackie hailing from Los Angeles. She claims that the hairdresser was fully aware of the relationship between the rapper and Hayes.

This did not stop the duo from staying away from each other and ultimately got down to have a baby together.

“I met the hairdresser maybe once or twice. I knew he was friends with her friends, I knew she did hair,” Hayes further said. “When I came across her, she was very nice to me – she knew I was his girlfriend, we would kiss and be close with each other in front of her.”

Aliya Hayes revealed that after finding out about the child, she is completely “heartbroken” and has also started rethinking her equation and relationship with the famous singer. There might not be any future together.

She said she needs time to digest the news and heal but she believes that she will always love Soulja Boy unconditionally.“I do believe there’s a lack of respect but I do believe he loves himself first and if that is something that is going to make him happy, I do have to understand that that’s his happiness and that’s my heartbreak.”