Some Facts That You Didn’t Know About Melania Trump


1. The first lady Melania Trump is of Slovenian origin and is an immigrant.

Trump is of Slovenian origin

2. She married Donald Trump in 2005. Unlike other first ladies, she has remained unknown during the presidential campaign of her husband and many people know little about her.

Melania Trump Marriage

3. Melania used to live in a small town Sevnica, located in Slovenia.

Melania Trump lives in Sevnica, located in Slovenia.

4. In her homeland, Slovenia, Melania started modeling at the age of 5. At 16 she was already doing commercials.

Melania started modeling at the age of 5

5. Her mother used to work at a factory and her father managed car dealerships owned by the Yugoslav state.

Melania Trump parents

6. Her father was also a member of the Communist Party.

Melania Trump father in Communist Party

7. She finished high school and completed a year of architecture degree, but it was then that she signed a contract with an agency in Milan, Italy, and began to travel for modeling and left her studies unfinished.

Melania Trump high school

8. She migrated to the United States in 1996 to settle in New York. Her first visit to the United States was on a business visa.

melania trump migrated to US

9. In the US, she posed for great fashion photographers such as Helmut Newton, Mario, and Patrick.

Melania Trump posed for great fashion photographers

10. Melania did everything from modeling to appearing in ‘Vogue’ magazine. She also worked in the Aflac insurance ad along with a duck, Aflac mascot, during the early period of her marriage.

melania trump and fashion magazine

11. She and Donald met in 1998 at a Fashion Week party when he was already separated but not yet divorced from his second wife, Marla Ann Maples.

Melania and Donald met in 1998 at a Fashion Week party

12. Donald and Melania got married in January 2005 in Palm Beach, Florida. The ceremony was followed by an impressive reception at Trump’s huge club in the same town. The guest list was impressive and included personalities like Katie Couric; the former mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, and more.

melania and Donald trump marraige ceremony at palm beach

13. Melania got the U.S citizenship in 2006, after marrying Donald Trump. She is the third wife of President Trump and First Lady of the 45th U.S. president, and the only first lady who is non-American

Melania got the U.S citizenship in 2006

14. If you’ve wondered why Trump’s wife hasn’t been seen or heard much and less focused on the political spotlight, it’s entirely by choice, according to her.

Melania Trump not take part in politics

15. The couple had their first child in March 2006, and his name is Barron William Trump. She has remained very active in social circles: as she is a Goodwill Ambassador for the American Red Cross and a member of the police athletic league.

Melania and Trump had their first child in March 2006