Snoop Dogg is back in the news and this time for an entirely new reason! The 49-year-old musician opened about his concerns over black people’s representation in sports as well as the business world.

The hip-hop star lashed out at the National Basketball Association and the National Football League for misrepresentation of black players among the higher ranks of the leagues.

In an interview with the New York Times, Snoop Dogg showed his displeasure over the treatment of black people in the fields of sports as well as the tech business world. The musician stated that

“black people are subjected to racism almost everywhere and the treatment in this modern era is close to slavery”

Dogg stated that the NFL does not have any representation of black Americans on a higher level. There is no team in the NFL which has a black owner. Currently, NFL has only two teams owned by non-white and they both belong to minorities where none of them is black. Jacksonville Jaguars is owned by Shahid Khan, whereas Buffalo Bills are co-owned by Kim Pegula.

Apart from the NFL, he pointed out the problematic attitude of the NBA towards black Americans. He stated that almost 90 percent of N.B.A is black, still, they are treated as slaves. Michael Jordan is the only black owner of a team in the NBA, the Charlotte Hornets.

Snoop Dogg stated that this racist behavior and the lack of representation is further pushing back the black community into a dark side and the same attitude can be witnessed in the music industry as well.

The hip-hop mogul stated that in the music industry, the black community took initiative and became owners of our own by changing the industry over the decades and giving voice to our demands and our mentality.

Snoop Dogg lashed out his anger on Apple and music streaming app Spotify as well. According to the reports, the black artists are paid less than the other artists per stream. Snoop Dogg stated that the same pattern has been observed on TikTok as well. The black content creators do not get the same recognition as compared to the white content creators, even if the whites copy the black culture.

Snoop Dogg initiates some serious allegations on NBA, NFL, Apple, TikTok, and Spotify, and this might start a new round of racism war which would be hard to suppress as he was one of the most influential figures of the black community.