And it’s officials! SNL star Pete Davidson is going to be part of the next New Shepard program that will be flying to space this month!

On Monday, Blue Origin – America’s private spaceflight company that takes Americans to space announced that the “Saturday Night Live” star, Pete Davidson, will join the New Shepard crew on its forthcoming flight taking off on March 23.

“Pete Davidson Confirmed to Fly to Space on Next Blue Origin Flight,” The Hollywood Reporter Tweeted.

Not just that, it was further revealed that Marc and Sharon Hagle, Marty Allen, Dr. George Nield and Jim Kitchen would be joining the 28-year-old comedian for this round.

Reportedly, the “liftoff is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. CT from Launch Site One in West Texas.”

The March 23rd flight marks the 4th human flight for the space program and 20th overall.

It seems like Pete Davidson has been offered a free ride to space as Monday’s announcement by the company reads that “the actor will fly alongside five customers.”

Previously, popular figures who went on the space program include former CEO of Amazon and founder of Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, “Good Morning America” host, Michael Strahan and The Twilight Zone actor, William Shatner.

Earlier, the comedian was spotted with girlfriend Kim Kardashian at a grand dinner party at Jeff Bezos.

“Pete Davidson will be going to space in Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ new space transport. Davidson will be the third celebrity to take the flight, after William Shatner and Michael Strahan,” IGN Tweeted.

The New Shepard is made of reusable rocket and a capsule and is capable of rising 100 kilometers above the earth, letting the passengers enjoy 11 minutes of liftoff to space and a few minutes of weightlessness. 

Blue Origin has not publicly revealed the prices for its space tour. However, its competitor Virgin Galactic is currently charging around $450,000.