On 16th April, SNL gang opens about everything starting from Britney Spears pregnancy announcement to resurrection of the Covid Cases, and even Dr. Fauci in Easter-themed cold open.

In the event of the Easter weekend, Britney Spears, Dr. Fauci, and Marjorie Taylor Greene all shared their wishes among others on the Easter.

“I just pray my baby is born healthy, happy, and with the power of attorney,” wished Spears during the “SNL” cold open “Happy Easter!”

“Remember six months when everyone was like, ‘We need to get her out of this conservatorship.’ And now you’re like, ‘Someone is still going to check on her right?’ ” Spears said. “Well, don’t worry, I’m finally free and I’m having a baby!”

On Monday, Britney Spears, 40, announced that she was pregnant with her first child with Sam Asghari, with whom she has always referred to as her husband in a recent Instagram post. “I am having a baby”, she announced.

Jesus Christ, errr… Kyle Mooney’s Jared Leto made an appearance, and McKinnon’s Dr. Fauci made a comeback because “COVID cases are a lot like Jesus, they’ve risen again.”

“Sure, it took 30 hours and the suspect turned himself in but we got him,” he went on. “Case closed, subway’s fixed. Ride without fear. And I’m not just holding a press conference about this either, I’m throwing a parade y’all.”