Did you know that you can play story games on Snapchat? The platform now offers Snapchat story games that users can play with friends and family any time, any day.

As of 2022, Snapchat has a user base of 363 Million people, which is projected to shoot even further in 2023. With such an extensive amount of people using the platform, there had to be something else to do on the app apart from just posting and sending streaks.

Snapchat has a built-in library where all engaging games are available to play. If you want to learn how to access those games, keep reading this guide. Below we have listed the 15 most popular and interesting Snapchat story games to play in 2023.

List of Snapchat Story Games 2023

1) Never Have I Ever

2) Questions about Habits

3) This or That

4) Name a song that

5) Things I have done – Unfortunate Edition

6) Personal Polling Game

7) Questions that nobody wants to Answer

8) I may seem ___, but I’m actually ___

9) My Crush

10) I’m not allowed to…

11) All About Me

12) How would you describe me to a stranger?

13) Post

14) ABC Challenge:

15) Kiss, Marry, Kill

1. Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is an old, fun game, older than even we could remember. The game starts with a person saying, ‘never have I ever ….’ and continues the sentence with something that he/she had never done before.

Those who have done it sip their drinks, while those who haven’t don’t. Anybody using Snapchat can play this fun game lying in their bed in their dirty pajamas.

2. Questions about Habits

Habit Questions is a popular game on Snapchat where you have to send a snap to a person asking them about their habits, and they have to respond to that question.

For instance, you can ask, ‘ do you sleep with a door opened or closed? Or can you wake up early without an alarm?’ and you will start getting responses to your question.

This game is usually played with new friends on Snapchat to know them better.

3. This or That

This game is as simple as picking one option from two available options. In this game, you are given a list of activities listed side by side, and you have to pick one from each row.

Playing this game helps you initiate a conversation with a new friend on Snapchat. You can make your own list of activities for the game or directly download a pre-made list from the internet, whichever you like.

4. Name a song that

Do you think there is anyone on earth who doesn’t listen to music? Hell, no! There’s no life without music.

It is something that helps you bond with people regardless of their age or background.

What’s even great about music is that you can use it to vibe with your favorite people and have quality time with them. ‘Name a song that’ is a game you can play on Snapchat to learn about your friends’ music preferences.

All you have to do is just create a bunch of questions starting with ‘Name a song that’ adding, ‘you know every single word’ and let your friends fill in their answers.

5. Things I have done – Unfortunate Edition

If you are looking for online games to play in your free time, look no further. Things I have done – Unfortunate Edition would be a witty game to play with your friends on Snapchat.

You have to make a checklist of all the crazy things you believe one would have done and send it to your friends to tick the ones they have done this year.

For instance, your list can include checking boxes for ‘Get arrested’, ‘fall down the stairs’, ‘Get fired from a job’ etc.

6. Personal Polling Game

If you are seeking crazy ideas to learn if someone on your friend list has ever liked or had a crush on you, there could be no better way than this game.

All you have to do is create a questionnaire of your Snapchat history and add all the lunatic questions like, ‘date or walk?’, ‘ever had a crush on me’, ever hated me for no reason, etc.

Once the list is prepared, send it you your Snapchat friends and wait for their response. Note: Before sending out the questionnaire, prepare yourself to receive the weirdest responses!

7. Questions that nobody wants to Answer

This game might sound like the previous one, but it’s different. This game includes a list of questions that you or anyone would never want to answer for personal reasons.

However, if you finally have mustered the courage to face the unfortunate events that happened to you in the past, you should play this game.

Make a list of questions like, ‘How is your work life going?’ , ‘who did you vote for?’, ‘Are you still in touch with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend?’ answer it first and then send your response to your friend and ask them to send theirs to you.

8. I may seem ___, but I’m actually ___

This is one of the Snapchat story games you can play to keep a random check on your friends or family to learn how they are doing.

Choose a background to type in your bullets, start with the question, ‘I may seem ___, but I’m actually __’ and provide a bunch of options like ‘depressed,’ ‘not well’, ‘healthy or unhealthy,’ etc. Send it to anyone you want and wait for their responses.

The game will help you break the ice with your school friends whom you are not in touch with for years.

9. My Crush

Have you always been curious to know what your friends look for in a crush/life partner? This game will surely reveal some secret choices of your friends that they wish to have in their better halves.

To play this game, you have to post this picture on the top of your story and let your friends respond and unveil their preferences.

10. I’m not allowed to

Have you had any restrictions for something by your parents growing up? Why not turn it into a game?

Make a list of all the things you were not allowed to do, pass it to all the users added to your Snapchat account, and discover who has been raised in a similar household curfew like yours.

11. All About Me

If you think you have never gotten a chance to talk about yourself, like what you want and what you aspire to, this is the best chance to tell the world what you look forward to and let them know you are not what they think you are!

Fill this up, post it on your story, and encourage others to do the same and post on their stories and turn this whole thing into a Snapchat story trend.

12. How would you describe me to a stranger?

Make a poll ‘how would you describe me to a stranger’, put it on your Snapchat story, and let the replies pour in.

You will be fascinated by learning how people perceive you and how they will talk about you to a stranger.

13. Post

Are you up for the last dirty game before 2022? Post this picture on your story and wait for the responses in the chatbox.

Note: You can make it extra filthy by adding your own points to it.

14. ABC Challenge

Don’t go by the name of this game, as it may sound childish. But honestly, it is one of the funniest Snapchat story games you have ever played.

Post a story stating, ‘pick any one letter from A to Z, and you will have to respond to the question starting with it.’

As you receive a letter, send this picture to the responder and ask them to answer honestly.

15. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Do you remember this game from childhood? Now you can play it on Snapchat rather than on a piece of paper with your friends.

Post this picture on your story and ask your friends to give you three names to answer who you want to kiss, who you would marry, and who you would want to kill.

So these were some of our favorite Snapchat story games we have played and enjoyed. If you are like us, with no night-out plans next weekend, these fun games will ensure you a good time.

How do you play Snapchat story Games?

Follow these instructions Snapchat to play Snapchat Story games:

  • Open your Snapchat account
  • Swipe left to right to open the chat section
  • Tap the Snapchat Games rocket icon icon to open the ‘Games and Minis Drawer’
  •  Tap any game you want to play

Wrap Up

Snapchat offers several features to entertain its extensive user base, and Snapchat story games is one of those features.

Try out these games and let us know about your experience. Also, you can remove multiple friends on Snapchat if you want to cleanse your account before playing these games. Lastly, we have other helpful guides on creating public Snapchat account and unlocking permanently locked Snapchat accounts in case you want assistance playing these games.