Instagram never fails to disappoint its users, and that’s probably the primary reason it gets 4.2 billion likes daily, YES! Believe it or not, it’s the most used social media platform these days, with 995 photos uploaded on it every second. Every few months, this app comes up with a new trend or feature. Frankly, the ‘Add Yours’ trend has to be our favorite one. Like the idea behind it to engage the users is ACTUALLY very creative.

The only downside of this app could be it doesn’t allow you to see photos, reels and stories of private accounts. But c’mon it’s 2022, is there anything impossible to crack in this world? We doubt it. You can view private accounts’ activities on Instagram via some outstanding third-party tools like Smihub and Picuki. Let’s get to know about them and their working mechanisms.

What is Smihub?

What is Smihub

Smihub is a third-party Instagram tool that allows its users to check a private profile’s pictures, videos, reels and stories. In fact, it lets you download all of them without showing your name to the other person. The account holder won’t know if you have viewed or downloaded his/her stories or videos. While the tool was launched almost four years ago, it rose to fame just last year. And now, with 25 million users, it’s one of the most used Instagram story viewer tools around the globe.

4 Smihub Facts & Features

Let’s have a look at some outstanding features this tool has to offer:

  • Via this tool, you can analyze likes, comments and even followers on Instagram without revealing your identity.
  • It is specifically designed for the Instagram app only.
  • It allows you to download stories, photos and videos.
  • It’s a free and easy to use tool.

How does Smihub work?

How does Smihub work

Smihub is not exactly known as an Instagram viewer tool. It is an account analysis app with an immaculate interface to help users carry out their work in the easiest ways. When you begin using this tool, a small greeting text will appear asking you to provide a username. Yes, it is that straightforward. It does not ask you to create an account or take a free tour trial to check the tool. Just provide the username of the account you want to check anonymously and your work is done.

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After that, the free online service will take you to your desired user account, where you can download their stories, videos, reels ANYTHING without revealing your identity.

Note: You can also copy the URL of the profile you want to stalk and provide it to Smihub to see all the activities of that account.

How to download Videos, Pictures and Stories on Smihub/Dumpor?

How to download videos, pictures and stories on Smihub and Dumpor

By following just a few steps, you can download another person’s video, pictures, reels, or stories from Instagram on your device.

  • Open Chrome (or any browser) type,
  • Write the user’s name or copy-paste the URL of the profile you want to stalk
  • Hit the search button and their profile will appear in a few seconds.
  • Now check out their reels, photos, videos, whatever you want and download them by clicking the ‘Download from Instagram’ option on the top right corner.

Is Smihub Instagram a Legitimate Tool?

While there is no surety that any tool you use won’t gather your personal data, we can vouch for Smihub. It’s a legit app free from every scam. Neither it tracks your IP address nor your Instagram activities. However, there is just one drawback, the aforementioned features that it claims to have been just 10% true. So, it’s your call in the end if you want to go for it or not.

Is Smihub Instagram Tool legal to use?

Smihub is like other third-party Instagram story viewer tools that come with a threat of hacking. Also, it is not even permitted to use such tools to breach someone’s privacy in some countries. Thereby if you find the Smihub tool not working in your region, know that it’s because it is not legal in your country.

Even if it’s legal to use in your country, make sure you don’t indulge in criminal activity through this app. While stalking is no less than a crime, you won’t get caught until you keep it to your device. If you try to harm the other person with their pictures and other information, you will get into serious trouble. Cyberbullying is a criminal offense in the US. A conviction can result in penalties against the blackmailer, including an indefinite period of sentencing.

Is Smihub Instagram Similar to Picuki?

First, let us brief you on Picuki, assuming you haven’t checked out our detailed guide on it.  It is an Instagram viewing tool that allows you to check out private profiles free of cost. Not just that, you can download pictures, reels, videos, anything on your personal device and can edit it. And since the tool is free to use, it generates money via Google Ads. You can run it on any browser and operating system. Its smooth user interface lets you carry out your work without any hindrances.

Smihub and Picuki are kind of cousin siblings if that makes it easier to understand. Both offer the same level of privacy and safety. However, the only difference we could find is that Picuki allows you to edit pictures, which you may not find in Smihub.

Tools Similar to Smihub

Tools similar to Smihub

Dumpor is not the only tool to check private Instagram accounts. There are several other similar tools that you can opt for if Smihub doesn’t work in your region.

Greatfon is a marketing analysis tool that enables you to check Instagram accounts data, including your own profile and draw meaningful conclusions. You can also check your account ratings via this tool to learn how popular your account is on Instagram. Apart from that, you can stalk private profiles through this tool.

Pikdo is another helping tool that enables users to browse Instagram users’ location, activities, and followers. Furthermore, this app makes you gather insta statistics and private information with its standout features. The tool was originally created to persuade Instagram creators to introduce a web-based version of their app.

Just like its name says, it is a user-friendly platform that does not require complicated installation to stalk someone on Instagram. Moreover, this private profile viewer legitimately takes you into another person’s Instagram account anonymously, thanks to the loopholes in Instagram’s system. Within a few seconds, you can discover a plethora of methods to visit private accounts on Instagram.


We hope this guide will help you understand what is Smihub and how it works. You may opt for other tools, like Picuki, InstaDP, Stories IG etc., however, know that Smihub comes above all of them. Since we have already discussed its legitimacy, you can trust this tool with your work. Lastly, we would advise you to use such an app as minimum as you can because, after all, they are all variants of privacy breaching tools. If you are trying it on someone, they might as well try it on you. So be watchful. What goes around comes around.

Other Related Queries

  1. Are there any alternatives to SmiHub?

Of course, there are several alternatives to Smihub, for instance, Picuki, mSPy, Glassagram, Instalkr, Ingramer, InstaDP, etc. while all of them can get you into another person’s account, there is no guarantee that they are legitimate. So far, we think Picuki and Smihub are the best amongst all.

Is Smihub safe to use?

After thorough research on the tool, we can now say that it is safe to use. It may look suspicious for providing free services, but it’s totally safe and you have our word.

Are Dumpor and Smihub the same?

Smihub was the previous name of Dumpor. Later, the service changed its name to Smihub. However, the services/features it provides are still the same.

Why is Smihub/Dumpor so popular?

The surging demand for private Instagram viewing tools has led to the inception of variants like Smihub. The reason for this particular tool’s popularity is its zero cost. Typically, premium tools charge you for using their services however, Dumpor doesn’t cost you anything and in fact, it provides almost the same level of service as other high costing tools.